ALA, Divisions & Round Tables Committee Volunteer Form

Submitting this online form communicates your wish to serve and your interest to be in a particular committee of ALA, its divisions (ACRL, ALSC, CORE, PLA, RUSA, YALSA) its round tables (EMIERT, ERT, GAMERT,  IFRT, IRRT, LIRT, NMRT, Rainbow RT, SRRT, SustainRT).* 

About the Form

The online volunteer form collects information about your background, the kind of volunteer work you'd like to do, and the names of groups to which you'd like an appointment.

Accessing the Form

You cannot access the form if your ALA membership is not paid up-to-date. Log in to the ALA web site before clicking the link to the form to go directly to the welcome screen. If you do not log in, you'll be taken to the generic ALA login screen that will redirect to the welcome screen after you login. Forms not currently open are shown as NOT OPEN in the dropdown selection list that you will see after you login. For example, the ALA and Council Committee Volunteer Form is open year round but forms must be submitted by September 30 to be considered for the next committee term beginning the following July, but some Division or Round Tables may have specific timelines when a form is open.

Completing the Form

On the welcome screen will be a drop-down box.  Select one of the options. Clicking "Continue" takes you to the first page of the form. At the bottom of the first page is another selector drop-down for locating the groups for which you want to volunteer. After making your selections, click "Continue" to access a review page to verify your selections.

Clicking "Submit" on the review page enters your form in the database and creates a final receipt page which details your volunteer requests. You may want to print this page for your records. Return to the form (another login may be required to reset the form) to make selections from your other membership groups.

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*The use of this form, which automates many of the database and communication processes involved in volunteering for, being selected by an appointment chair, being notified of a possible appointment, selecting or refusing the appointment, and being added to a committee roster is available to all ALA divisions and round tables. Currently, AASL, United for Libraries, FMRT, GODORT, LHRT, LRRT, LSSIRT, STORT are not using the form. Please contact your staff liaison, to discuss setting up this application.