Preservation Resources

Managing Microforms in the Digital Age 2013
Addresses trends in bibliographic control, storage environments, current vendors, and resources and microform terminology.

Planning and Constructing Book and Paper Conservation Laboratories: A Guidebook 2012
A critical resource for those planning new or remodeled conservation labs for book and paper collections.

Minimum Digitization Capture Guidelines 2013
Guidelines for libraries digitizing content with the objective of producing a sustainable product that will not need to be re-digitized.

Preservation Education Directory, 9th edition 2011
Listings of educational opportunities in the U.S. and Canada in the area of preservation training.

Digital Audio Metadata Standards, revised 2011
Quick overview of standards for digital audio. Updated in August 2011.

Definitions of Digital Preservation 2009
2009 version of the definition

Guide to the ANSI/NISO/LBI Library Binding Standard 2009

Disaster Preparedness Clearinghouse 2009

ALA Preservation Policy 2008 2008
ALA's policy on preservation is based on the Association's mission to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all.

Preservation Manager's Guide to Cost Analysis 2008

Audio-Visuals for Training Staff and Users in the Care and Handling of Library and Archival Materials 2008
Sources for Training Staff and Users in the Care and Handling of Library and Archival Materials

Guidelines for Preservation Photocopying of Replacement Pages 2008
Photocopied replacement pages are required when parts of original texts have been removed or lost.

Resources for Selecting and Working with a Library Binder 2008

Syllabus for Serials Preservation and Archiving 2007
Presents issues relating to preservation and archiving of serials.

Lab Design Bibliography 2006

Preservation Education Directory, 8th Edition 2002
A directory of library preservation and conservation programs throughout the US and Canada.

Bibliography on Standardized Handling of Digital Resources 1997
Source for information on issues facing technical services in addressing the collection, cataloging, and providing access to digital resources.

Guidelines for Packaging and Shipping Magnetic Tape Recordings and Optical Discs 1989
Guidelines intended to provide advice on shipping magnetic tape and optical disk (CD-ROM or CD-R) recordings.