Advocacy & Issues

As part of its mission to cultivate and amplify the collective expertise of library workers through advocacy, Core strives to support and promote key areas of library leadership and management, metadata and collections, and technology. Through the work of the Core Advocacy Coordination Committee, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the Standards Coordination Committee, the Preservation Outreach Committee, the eBooks Interest Group, and other groups, Core informs and advises its members and the greater library community on the advocacy needs of libraries and library workers within the areas of:

  • archiving
  • cataloging and metadata
  • library leadership
  • library technology
  • preservation and conservation
  • technical services

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is intrinsic to the mission, values, and strategic goals of Core, and creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for our members and within the profession is essential to the work of the division.

View our list of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resources that focus on preservation, buildings & operations, leadership & management, metadata & collections, and technology.

Core’s EDI initiatives include:

  • AvramCamp – a one-day preconference that provides a safe and welcoming space for women and non-binary technology library workers to explore common challenges faced, learn strategies for dealing with them, and discuss specific tools to build confidence.
  • Preservation in Action (PiA)
  • Preservation Week

Core’s committees, and interest groups (IGs), and sections invested in EDI:

Core’s EDI-related grants, scholarships, and awards:

eBooks & Digital Content

eBooks and other digital content have disrupted the traditional relationship between publishers and libraries, causing issues not only with how library users access content but with the acquisition and cost of library materials. Enhancing the library digital content experience is essential to the work of Core as library administrators are best situated to advocate for library digital content and engage with vendors, publishers, and legislators to create much needed change to ensure continued and sustainable access to digital content.

The Core eBooks Interest Group provides a forum for discussion of all things related to library digital content. For additional information and resources related to libraries and digital content and the provision of equitable access to digital content for all, please visit the ALA Digital Content Working Group web page.

Guidelines & Standards

As the premiere association for the advancement of librarians and information providers in key roles of leadership and management, metadata and collections, and technology, Core plays a central role in every library, helping shape the future of the profession by creating and implementing crucial guidelines and standards within the scope of Core. Core's involvement in standards development and education will extend across all committees, sections, and interest groups within Core and externally with standards-setting groups within the American Library Association (ALA). Information regarding current and developing standards within Core's scope will be shared with various stakeholders within the profession.

The Core Standards Coordination Committee provides direction and guidance for the guidelines and standards established by Core.

Recent Core Titles about Guidelines & Standards


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Read our Metadata & Collections Section's Joint Statement on the Metadata Rights of Libraries.


Core is the premiere resource for preservation and conservation library workers, archivists, rare collections managers, and those working in museums and institutions with special collections. We are the leader in the development of principles, standards, and best practices for collecting, organizing, reformatting, and preserving all types of library materials in a variety of institutions and taking the lead in applying new technologies to assure continued access to library collections. Part of our mission is to provide advocacy tools that our members can use to explicate the crucial importance of the tasks they perform in their archives, libraries, institutions, and museums.

Core preservation initiatives include:

The Core Preservation Outreach Committee develops, facilitates, maintains, and expands preservation-focused outreach and service on behalf of Core through a range of initiatives, including Preservation in Action, Preservation Week, ALA conference programming, Core continuing education events, and Core publications.

Anyone can join the Preservation Administration Interest Group and Promoting Preservation Interest Group.


Core will design and assess practices and programs that consider both economy and ecology; it will invest in infrastructure and maintenance, and ensure the future of the organization and the profession. 

We recognize that sustainability is important to Core's future. In 2020, an Emerging Leaders team submitted a report on  A Way Forward LITA Sustainability Solutions that the Core Board will use as a starting point for discussion. We'll be forming a Sustainability Committee to begin work on this project.