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Core offers numerous online learning opportunities to meet your needs. Scheduled throughout the year, Core's webinars, web courses, and e-Forums are affordable and timely. Enhance your skills, get practical how-to-information, and stay up-to-date on trends with our professional development presented by experts from the field. Topics include Access and Equity, Preservation, Buildings & Operations, Leadership & Management, Metadata & Collections, and Technology.


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Core learning opportunities cover a wide range of areas, including:

  1. Access and Equity
    • Advocacy in areas such as copyright, equity of access, open access, net neutrality, and privacy
    • Preservation Week
    • Equity, diversity, and inclusion, both within the division and the profession, as related to Core’s subject areas
  2. Assessment
    • Emphasizing the role of assessment in demonstrating the impacts of libraries or library services
    • Assessment tools, methods, guidelines, standards, and policies and procedures
  3. Buildings and Operations
    • Changing trends in organizational structures, services, staff operations, and facilities
    • Best practices for inclusive practices and design
  4. Leadership and Management
    Based on work done by the Library Leadership and Management Association, Core uses a framework of 14 definitive competencies that can be applied across roles, career stages, and library types.
    • Developing leaders at every level
    • Best practices for inclusion by using an equity lens to examine leadership structures
    • Leadership for talent management and human resources
  5. Metadata and Collections
    • Best practices and knowledge in work areas that support collections and discovery
    • Best practices for equity, diversity, and inclusion in the development and description of collections
    • Standards and best practices for selection, acquisition, description, access, and preservation of information resources
    • Preservation of both print, media, and digital resources
  6. Technology
    • ​Augmented reality
    • Authentication
    • Cybersecurity
    • Discovery platforms
    • Makerspaces
    • User experience
    • XML data

*Core Webinars are available for free to Core student members and LIS faculty.​​​​

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