OCLC WMS Sandbox Access

To help our members learn new skills and software to grow their careers, we're excited to offer access to the Core OCLC WMS Sandbox. Any Core member can request a login for the sandbox to learn how to use OCLC's WorldShare Management Services (WMS) system and get hands-on practice at no additional cost. Even if your library doesn't use WMS, this unique learning opportunity gives library workers who want to learn new skills and systems the ability to work directly in a library management system.


Request Access to the WMS Sandbox


What is WMS?

WorldShare Management Services is a cloud-based library services platform with WorldCat as its foundation that allows library staff to draw on OCLC's shared data network and technology for more efficient workflows. WMS also enables staff to better manage resources in all formats and to provide their users with improved access to the library's collections and the world's knowledge. It's a complete cloud-based library management platform that provides a single intuitive interface to search across the full collection and all databases, find items in other libraries, view item availability, place holds, review accounts, renew items, and more. As an integrated suite of library management and discovery applications, it offers a comprehensive and cost-effective way to manage workflows efficiently, and improve access to collections and services.

Core members using our sandbox for practice will have access to the acquisitions & serials, cataloging & metadata, circulation, discovery, and e-resource management modules of WMS. Data has been uploaded from the ALA Library's catalog and is refreshed monthly, which means members are free to play with the system without worrying about causing issues in their own library's production system or live data. Our sandbox provides members with a full-featured environment where you can safely train and test configurations.


Who is eligible for access to the Core WMS Sandbox?

Any Core member can request a login to the sandbox and use it for training and practice. Your access is live while you're a member or until you request to be removed.


What kind of collection data is available in the WMS Sandbox?

The ALA Library has been a WMS user since 2015. OCLC has created a sandbox based on the ALA WMS subscription that will work from the ALA Library’s collection and data.


What kind of training is available?

Members can start with this WMS Sandbox Orientation recording from November 2022. It's also a good introduction to the system and what it does in case you're deciding if you want to request a login.

Sandbox users have access to the full library of OCLC's WMS training videos, including the following starter packs, to learn the system at their own pace. They can also join an online community we've created to share information, ask questions, and problem solve together


Acquisitions & Serials
Provides unified selection and acquisition management for all physical and electronic resources.

Cataloging & Metadata
Provides: record-at-a-time cataloging for physical and electronic resources.; a way to simplify your electronic and print workflows to increase collection visibility; record-at-a-time cataloging for physical and electronic resources.

Provides a complete circulation application that's easy to learn and works on any laptop, tablet, or device with a web browser.

    E-resource Management
    Provides a way to simplify your electronic and print workflows to increase collection visibility.

    WorldCat Discovery
    Enables increased access to resources, as well as enhancing the visibility of those resources on the websites where users typically start their search.


    What exactly am I signing up for?

    When you fill out the form, you'll need to let us know which role you want to log in as:

    • Acquisitions & Serials = includes acquisitions, serials, configuration settings, and vendor management
    • Cataloging & Metadata = includes cataloging, collection evaluation, collection manager, course reserves, and configuration settings
    • Circulation = includes circulation, course reserves, and configuration settings
    • Discovery = includes course reserves, configuration settings, vendor management, and WorldCat Discovery
    • E-resource Management = includes license manager, configuration settings, vendor management, and WorldCat Discovery
    • Full User (all of the above roles in one) = includes all the modules listed above in one admin user login

    Once you log in, you'll be able to see the modules available to the user you selected. First go through the Get Started information listed above for the user you selected. The read through the documentation and start use the training materials to begin exploring the system. The collection data gets refreshed the third weekend of every month, so you can't break the system or mess anything up.

    Logging in as a specific type of staff user lets you see what the interface looks like and allows for them. Logging in as a full "all of the above" admin user lets you see see the interface for a high-level admin (though not a superuser because user administration isn't available).


    Are there any WMS modules that aren't available in the sandbox?

    The Collection Evaluation and Interlibrary Loan modules are not available because this is a training installation. While a few Reports are available, many are not because the data is refreshed every month. Alerts are not enabled, and training accounts do not have access to User Management


    I have more questions.

    Please contact us and we'll get them answered!