Core Mentoring Program

Under the purview of the Core Leadership Development and Mentoring Committee, the Core Mentoring Program facilitates and encourages professional development of Core members at any stage in their career and in any of the areas related to our work. The Core Mentoring Program aims to develop strong leadership in areas of librarianship covered by Core; support members in developing their professional skills; cultivate leadership and involvement in Core; provide networking opportunities, and expand members’ professional learning circles.


Core Mentoring Program Guidelines

  • Open to Core members only
  • Participant can either be a mentor, mentee, or both
  • Formal mentoring begins each December and ends each June (six months)
  • Participants can continue their mentoring relationship even after the formal mentoring program ends (this will be on their own and not part of the Core Mentoring program anymore)
  • Mentor and mentees assist in the assessment of the program at the end of mentoring period

What mentors and mentees can expect from the program

  • Mentee: Career planning, job assistance, shaping careers, and succession planning with an eye on sustainability, legacy, realism, structure, and expectations and an emphasis on professional career – especially at the entry level.
  • Mentor: Exposure to new ideas and interests, new opportunities for professional challenges, personal satisfaction in sharing your career experience, knowledge and skills, opportunity to reflect on your own practices, opportunity to practice developmental behaviors outside own direct line responsibilities, learning from the shared interactions with mentees.


August – Call for application begins
September – Application period ends
Early November – Mentor/Mentee notified of pairings 
Late November – Training/Orientation to the Core Mentoring Program begins
December – Formal mentoring program begins
June – Formal mentoring program ends
July – Assessment and feedback from participants