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Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures is a community of library workers in the core functions of leadership and management, metadata and collections, and technology. Our community focuses on cultivating and celebrating the collective expertise of library workers through community building, advocacy, and learning.

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Participating on a committee is a great way to develop new skills, learn from your peers, help advance the mission of Core, and accomplish concrete goals. We need your talents! The volunteer form is open year-round to help fill any vacancies. The appointment process starts in February and finishes in April so that new committee members can begin on July 1.

Interest Groups

Interest Groups (IGs) offer Core members outstanding networking, informational, and problem-solving opportunities. They provide a great way to begin your career of service to the division in an informal way without a heavy commitment. They also offer the library community a chance to come together to discuss hot topics of specific relevance and address pressing issues. Members can join as many interest groups as they like at no additional cost. Browse through the extensive list of interest groups available to you.


Core appoints representatives to various outside organizations to support the standards and practices of all areas of technical services and technology.


Core has six sections that are free for members to join. Sections are networks that focus on specific areas of library work and let members tailor their experience to their areas of interest. Members can join as many sections as they like.

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