ALA John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award

Apply for the John Cotton Dana Award

The John Cotton Dana Award honors outstanding effective strategic communication campaigns that show results, no matter what size or type of library.

Deadline: April 7, 2023

In recognition of their achievement, John Cotton Dana Award winners receive a $10,000 cash development grant from the H.W. Wilson Foundation. Winners also have the opportunity to show their successful campaign to other libraries and serve as role models for libraries nationwide. This award is given out on an annual basis.

Strategic library communication campaigns may be submitted by any library, Friends group, consulting agency, or service provider. The only exclusions are institutions represented by John Cotton Dana Award Committee members, John Cotton Dana Award Committee members from the previous year, organizational units of the American Library Association, EBSCO Publishing, and the H.W. Wilson Foundation.

View additional information about John Cotton Dana, the competition, and H.W. Wilson is available on the EBSCO website.

View information and the roster for the ALA John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award Subcommittee.

Sponsored by the H.W. Wilson Foundation and EBSCO.

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