Library Privacy Guidelines

During 2015-2016, the Intellectual Freedom Committee approved several new privacy guidelines intended to assist librarians, libraries, schools and vendors to develop best practices for online privacy and data management and security. These include:   

These guidelines attempt to balance the need to protect reader privacy with the needs of libraries to collect user data and provide personalized services, while respecting and protecting the individual's right to make their own informed decisions in regards to how much privacy they are willing to trade for convenience or added benefits. The Library Privacy Checklists, drafted by the IFC Privacy Subcommittee and the LITA Patron Privacy Interest Group, are intended to provide libraries of all types with practical guidance on implementing the Guidelines.

The IFC Privacy Subcommittee welcomes comments and suggestions for improvement. Correspondence concerning the guidelines can be sent to Deborah Caldwell Stone (, staff liaison for the Privacy Subcommittee.