Feature Slides & Homepage Pods

Use feature slides to visually highlight an initiative, event, or news piece, etc. to grab your viewer’s attention and compel them to respond to your call to action by visiting your web page to learn more. A feature slideshow is the content type that makes it possible to display feature slides. The ALA homepage, your microsite home page, and any page on the website that contains a feature slideshow are available to display appropriate feature slides.

Branding Requirements

The ALA Executive Board has mandated that all ALA homepage feature slides must clearly communicate their ALA affiliation.

  1. Either the ALA logo, the letters "ALA" or text referencing ALA should appear on all ALA homepage feature slides. For example, this or similar text is an acceptable alternative to the logo: "An initiative of ACRL, a division of ALA."  
  2. Use text color contrast that meets accessibility standards.
  3. The logo or branding statement location may vary according to the graphic design. 
  4. Include all the information you want to convey in your image's alt text. Spell out all words as opposed to using acronyms so that screenreaders can communicate exactly what is intended.
  5. The ALA Web Management Group is the arbiter of whether slide submissions for the ALA homepage meet branding and accessibility requirements. If the slide is accepted for display but does not meet them, you will receive instructions for making corrections before publication.

New Slide Size for Responsive Redesign

Review the graphics guidelines of the ALA Web Style Guide before preparing a slide image. 

As of Spring 2017, the new slide size will be 720 pixels long by 268 high. Please plan accordingly.

ALA Homepage Display

For slides that will display on the ALA homepage, review the Feature Slide Design Guidelines and submit the Homepage Slide Submission Form.  Because space is limited and demand is high, some submitted slides may not be accepted for display.

Alternative Homepage Display Options

There are two other options for curated homepage display to consider when a homepage slide is not appropriate.

Engage Pod

The left pod is reserved for ALA Annual/Midwinter and the right pod for the ALA Store. However, the center pod in the redesign is meant to display curated "engagement opportunities." It is where appeals to Vote, Volunteer, Get Involved, Take the Survey, Apply for the Scholarship and so on will be changed out as appropriate. A new form is being created to submit Engage Pod content and will be linked here when the redesign launches. Pod image size: 150 x 150 pixels.

Featured Content

The use of the Featured Content tag in the Items ALA Generates taxonomy will pull a linked title into the Featured Content pod. This should be used to promote reading lists, award lists, new standards and guidelines, white papers and other giveaways.

How long can my Feature Slide stay on the ALA Homepage?

Please review the Publication and Retention Guidelines.