Request An Item

How do I request an item from the ALA Library?

Step 1:

Search the catalog to see if we hold the item.

screenshot of results from catalog search of ALA Digital Library













Step 2:

If we do, click on the title. This will open the Item Detail view. Under the Availability section, you’ll see a “Place Hold” button:

screenshot of item detail with Place Hold button highlighted
















Step 3:

You can click this, and the Library staff will pull the book and set it aside for you to pick up. Books on hold are checked once a day in the morning. Alternatively, you can write down the call number, and come down to the Library to get the book right away.

What if the ALA Library does not have it?

If the ALA Library does not hold a copy of the item, you can initiate an interlibrary loan request (ILL).  As you can see below, ALA does not hold a copy of this item.

screenshot of hit list; pointer at WorldCat Database













Step 1:

Click on the title of the item to open the Detail page, and expand the Availability section:

screenshot of the detail















Step 2:

Instead of a “Place Hold” button, you see the “Request Item” button. Click it.

 If you have not already signed in to either the ALA website or the catalog, you will see this prompt:

screenshot of Login error - please login









Sign in to American Library Association using your iMIS/Drupal login and password. This takes you to the ILL Request form.

Step 3:

Complete the form and hit Submit. The Library will be alerted to your request and you will receive email notification once the item has arrived and is ready for pickup.

screenshot of the Request for for Interlibrary Loan