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Which pages are the most visited and also which of your pages are most visited?

What percentage of ALA pageviews do they have?


To find ALA’s most visited pages, from Content > Overview, set the dates to the range you want in the upper right corner. Then scroll down to the list of the top 10 pages. Switch to Page Title to the left of the list to view pages by title rather than URL. Go to view full report to see more.

To compare your site’s top 10, select your site from the dropdown, and go to Content > Overview again. Pageviews and %Pageviews are shown for each page. Note whether your landing page gets the most traffic.

If your portion of ALA isn’t separately tracked, you can search by directory. From Content > Overview, go to view full report. There will be a search box just above the list on the right. Enter the URL like this: /advocacy/copyright. (Always add the forward slash.) This will bring up the most visited pages with those directory structures in the URL. Detailed instructions with screenshots are available.

Locate the number of downloads of a PDF file.

From Content > Overview, click on Event Category. Then click on Downloads in the list. Select PDF as the type of download. To search rather than browse the long list, enter a distinct portion of the PDF’s URL, always starting with the forward slash, in the search box.

This information is also available from Content > Events > Top Events.

Compare the number of people who looked at a particular page and how long they stayed on it this year to last year.

Do visitors to your pages stay on them longer than the ALA average?

How many people landed on the page and then bounced right off the site from it?

From Content > Overview, search on the URL sans the part. Locate the page. Adjust the search dates and look at the results.

To locate the ALA average time on page, go to Content > Site Content > All Pages in the ALA default. Adjust the dates as needed. Look under the traffic graph to see the third data point. Compare to your content.
Average bounce rate is also visible below the traffic graph.

How many people are using Chrome to access the site? How does this compare to Internet Explorer?

Go to Audience > Technology > Browser & OS.

Of the people using Internet Explorer, which version is most in use on our site? How does that compare to two years ago?

Go to Audience > Technology > Browser & OS, and click on Internet Explorer in the list.

Where do most referrals to the site come from?

Go to Traffic Sources > Sources > All Traffic area. See also the Referrals. Click on the name of the referrer to see more details. Check for spikes in the pattern.

How many people use mobile devices to access the site?

Go to Audience > Mobile, and scroll down to see that for the last 12 months, the figure is just shy of 10% of visits.

Which mobile platform provides about 75% of our mobile traffic?

Go to  Audience > Mobile > Devices, scroll down and add up all the Apple devices. Click on the tiny pie chart emblem to the right of the search box to get a visual, or add up the percentages for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

How many people who come to the site or to a particular page have never been to it before, and how many are repeat visitors?

For the entire site, go to Audience > Overview and look for the %New Visits number.

Which Social Network drives the most traffic to the ALA site?

Go to Social > Overview, scroll down, and review the list.

Is your latest Social Media initiative driving traffic to the website?

Tip: For starters, it would need to have a link to the website.

What are the top landing pages that people get to after searching?

Go to Traffic Sources > Search Engine Optimization > Landing Pages.

Which page on the site has been shared more than any other?

Go to Social > Overview, scroll down, click on Shared URL to the left of the list.

Where can you go to see an overlay of where people click?

Go to Content > In-Page Analytics.

Where can you learn more?

Login information for the ALA Google Analytics account is available to anyone logged in on this site with an ALA staff login.

A selection of Google Analytics How-to-Videos.

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