What do we learn in the Drupal Basics class?

The foundation of any website is the basic pages. How-to for every aspect of creating or editing a Basic Page can be found in this support site. Watch the recording of a Drupal Basics session or check out any of the tasks below for specific how-to instructions.

The goal for Drupal Basics class is to get you capable with the following tasks:

Login & Access Drupal (How-To)
Create New Content (How to)
Find Content (How to)
Insert Images (How to)
Links (How to Create) & Anchors (How to)
Metadata, Properties, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Listing Pages & Taxonomies
Upload Files (How To)

Resources for Drupal
Nine Guidelines for Maintaining High Quality Webpages

The Drupal Sandbox is a safe place to practice these tasks.  Login to get the credentials to use this sandbox.

What is a Basic Page and how is it different from Basic Page, Members?

There is no difference in terms of creating and editing--the difference is in relation to rights.  In order to grant editing rights to members for a page, use the Basic Page, Members content type when creating new pages.  In order to keep the training materials intact on this sandbox, all the pages that you are free to edit as the Test users are created as Basic Page, Members so they can be edited by any member who wants to practice their basic Drupal skills.

What Other Content Types are there in Drupal?

Although the focus of the Drupal Basics class focuses on how to find, edit and create a Basic Page, there are several other content types in use on the ALA website that you can learn more about:

Committee Pages

Use the power of the iMIS database to dynamically display roster, charge and even RSS posts from ALA Connect for your committee or Round Table.

Feature Slides & Homepage Pods

Get events, initiatives and other important mentions featured on a slideshow on the ALA website.  Learn how everything from how to prepare your slide to proposing it to appear on the ALA-homepage


Graphically dynamic way of directing users to content

What are some of the Security issues we should be aware of when creating content?