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Special Content type for Committee Web pages

At the request of  the Round Tables Content Managers, the Website Advisory Committee had templates created to standardize Committee pages (and Online Learning Events) for

Set It and Forget It

Once a dynamic committee page is established, there is no need for manual edits!   It also assures that all changes to historic information like committee name, membership and charge are maintained in our association management database.

Committee Page Features:

  • Dynamic fill of rosters; anonymous guests see only the list of committee members with term dates; logged in users see full contact details along with the list of members.
  • Notes field in iMIS, "Committee charge" is viewable on the web.
  • RSS Feed showing the last five (5) public posts from the Committee group space in ALA Connect.
  • Optional fields for your use include:
    • Composition
    • Sub-Committees and Task Forces
    • Resources
    • Origin
    • Two customizable categories

Staff Liaisons will need to:

  • Enter Committee information into iMIS, (ALA’s association database; which is linked to the website), and
  • Communicate the iMIS Committee Code/s to your web content editors
  • Ensure the ALA group/committee exists in ALA Connect (or submit a Track-IT! if it does not exist
  • Collaborate with Round Table content editors to make sure that Round Table committee information is kept current


Sample Committee Page