Left Nav Best Practices (Round Tables and Divisions)

What is Left Navigation?

All site level menus from the left navigation, quick links (drop-down menus on top left) and division-specific eyebrow links (Contact Give Join [Division Name]) on ala.org.  Left Navigation will remain in alphabetical order as part of the information architecture of our Drupal-based website.

Who can Edit the Left Navigation?

Site administrators who understand the menu structures are provided with the ability to edit them.

How do I Edit the Left Navigation?

Check out this 4 minute video for how-to

Members, contact your Staff Liaison/Division Web Lead with a detailed list of pages to be added to the Left Navigation as they fit into the proper Information Architecture.

Leads, enter a TrackIt ticket using "Web - ala.org."

Site Admin/Content Editors with the rights, login to learn how to update to the left navigation.

What is the Structure?

Information Architecture (IA) of all left navigation menus on ala.org

Terms not needed are discarded.  If certain units have something not noted here, unique to it, the appropriate label should be used in the left navigation.

About [Unit Acronym]

Includes Governance, use second level to provide shortcuts to bylaws, committees, etc.


If needed, an additional term, such as Advocacy & Promotion, Advocacy and Legislation, Advocacy & Issues.

Award, Grants & Scholarships

Drop unneeded terms.

Conferences, Events & eLearning

Drop unneeded terms.

Member Center

Professional Tools