Update Awards & Grants

Any update to content in the Awards and Grants area is set by default to create a new version and require moderation (approval) before it will be visible.  Although the content editor sees changes, they are not immediately published when the Save button is clicked. The system puts the update in a “pending” mode, and takes no further action until the revision information is reset.

We recently made some changes so that you can moderate your own awards, grants, and scholarship updates. You will need to moderate your revision(s) to make them viewable to the public.  There are still some automatic backend changes that have to happen overnight, or you can ask ITTS to run Cron on the site if you need immediate results.

How-to-Moderate Updates to Awards & Grants During Editing

  1. First make your changes.
  2. Before saving, scroll down to the Revision information tab at the lower left.
  3. Select Create new revision, no moderation.
  4. Fill out the Revision log message field so that you will be reminded of what you have changed, for example: Added 2018 winners or Updated sponsor information.
  5. Click Save. Sometimes this screen takes a minute to process, so be patient. If you get a 503 Error, it just means it timed out.  Use your back button, and try again in 10-15 minutes.

Preparing Changes & Preventing Advance Publication

  1. If you need to prepare changes in advance, just save the page without changing the moderation default.
  2. Make sure ITTS and Rebecca Gerber know that you don’t want us to approve the changes.
  3. When it’s time to publish the changes, you can either go into edit mode to change the moderation status and Save, or you can go to the Revisions tab, click on the saved date of the most recent revision, and then click the Publish option.

A Cautionary Word on Scheduled Publication

Although scheduled publication is shown as an option at the bottom of the form, Cron (site updating and indexing) only runs in the Awards & Grants area overnight, starting at about 8:00 PM. We do not recommend that you use scheduled publication as it will not be possible to time the release to an exact hour of the day. Instead, prepare what you can ahead of time, and retain the default status until you are ready for changes to be visible.


The way permissions work in Drupal, people can only see the published version of work, meaning that if you have moderated revisions that are not yet published, they cannot be seen or approved by any other user, even if they have rights to moderate their own revisions.