Listing Page (How-to)

Select the Listing Page Content Type

From the gray bar at the top, click the Add content command, Select Listing Page from the list.  If you don't have it in your list, you will need to request rights to add and edit listing pages, using a TrackIt request.

Create a Title for the Listing Page

Enter a Title into the listing page.  The title will be converted into the URL to find the page, unless you alter the URL path settings

Create the Query

Select the values within the various taxonomy fields, for the tab that is appropriate to display the results you want.

Has ALL of these tags (means the page must have every item you choose in order to show up in the results)

Has ANY of these tags (means that a result item only needs to have one of the selections to show up in the resulting display)

Has NONE of these tags (means that a result item will exclude one of the selections listed)

screenshot showing parameter fields: ALA Units, Audiences, Controlled Taxonomy, Event Type



User Exposed Filters

Allow searchers viewing the page to filter the results further by adding User Exposed Filters.  Highlight your selection, using the CTRL button to select more than one, as many options that are appropriate.  When you save the page, you will notice the Exposed Filter fields at the top of the listing page with the items you selected as possible filters.



screenshot of Filter options

























Additional Options

Here you can select which sites you want searched by the Listing Page query.

Choose the order in which you want the resulting list sorted, and enter any directions/explanation of the results to the Body field.


Don't forget to enter your metadata.  The Author is the Organization that owns the page and the Editor is you.  The SEO Description should explain the result of the list.


If you need to restrict access to the listing page, you can either:

Members Only:

Check the box entitled: All ALA Members

Some ALA Members:

Enter the member type codes, separated by comma for the Member Types you want to have access to this page

Division, Round Table, Committee Members

Enter the iMIS code that represents the group you want to access the page.  For our Staff Only pages, we use the STAFF code.  Use RUSA. to restrict to RUSA members, and so on.  To limit to a section, use the division acronym underscore section acronym (no period) for example RUSA_MARS will limit access to members of the MARS section.

screenshot for the Additional Options, sort options and sites searched list