Drupal Basics & Beyond

Welcome to the Drupal Sandbox!


The links below demonstrate how to work with ALA's website. Check out the resources below on the left, then complete the tasks on the right. Send us your link and login to the site so we can set your permissions.



How-to Resources

Sandbox Tasks: Get Access with Practice

Learn the Basics

Login to Drupal 
Find Content
Add New Content
Insert Images
Links Anchors
Upload Files
About URL Path Settings
SEO, Metadata Taxonomies
Drupal Help Resources

Guidelines Every Editor Should Know

Class Recording

View the class recording
(43 minutes--you can skip what you know)

Intermediate & Advanced Tasks

Awards and Grants

Committee Page

Feature Slides

Front Page Tabs

Menus (Left Navigation)

News and Press Releases (staff only)




Login to the Sandbox

  1. Visit Drupal Sandbox Access to get credentials for the Sandbox.
  2. Logout using the link at the top right of the window. Close your browser to log out completely.
  3. Visit ala.org/support (in a new browser window). Login with one of the Sandbox role/permissions, based on  what you will need to do on your site.


  1. Login in with Sandbox credentials.

  2. Complete the tasks on Sandbox Situation A 

  3. Send the link to your completed exercise to Help@ala.org to get permissions to edit.


  1. Complete the tasks in Basics above

  2. Create a Committee page, if you have a Committee Code. (Contact your Staff Liaison for a code). 

  3. Add a new Navpod on the page with your profile on it. Edit the URL path so the navpod displays on your profile page.

  4. Submit your link(s) to your work to Help@ala.org to get permissions to edit.


Practice a few of these tasks if you are a member volunteer who will be a site admin for a Round Table site or a staff member who has responsibilities for a division site or a portion of ala.org. As you complete the tasks below, remember to add metadata.

  1. Add a new Feature Slide on the "Feature Slide Sandbox" page.

  2. Add at least one Front Page Tab on that page. You will need a Twitter hashtag, RSS feed or a combination of ALA taxonomy tags to use.

  3. Create an Online Learning page.  NOTE: Do NOT add the taxonomy terms, as doing so would cause your test page to pull to ala.org/onlinelearning. Instead, add a few taxonomies and the terms so that your page would display by topic and on the right unit display in ala.org/onlinelearning. Add any feedback, questions about your experience to your Online Learning page.

  4. Add your profile, committee and/or online learning pages in the Sandbox menu. Make the title for the menu item [Your Initials] Menu Test, and for the committee page [Your Initials] Committee Test.

  5. Submit links to your practice to Help@ala.org for advanced permissions to edit.