Context is Important to Writing ALT Text

 ALT text matches the context of the webpage

Here are 3 examples of an image used in different contexts on three different webpages and how the ALT text can differ from webpage to webpage based on context.

Library Exterior image used in the three examples on this page

Example 1:

Safety Lighting

Safety at night is a concern for both library staff and patrons. A well-lit walkway can be an attractive feature drawing patrons in throughout the evening.

ALT text: "A modern glass, steel, brick and wood library building with artificial light shining from 1.5 story windows and from spot lights placed in a wooden architectural soffit. The sidewalk is well lit.”

Example 2:

LEED Building

XYZ Library obtained Silver LEED certification in 2011. The library features energy efficient windows and shades. The airlock at the main entrance is also a feature which is helpful in the Boston climate year round.

ALT Text: “A modern glass, steel, brick and wood library building with a double door airlock connected to a room with desks and shelving visible from outside. This room has floor to ceiling 1.5 story windows with long shades.”

Example 3:

Award winning Library boasts inviting atrium-like reading room.

The Mattapan Branch Library, Boston Public Library won an AIA/ALA Library Building Award in 2011. With significant amounts of glass looking onto Blue Hill Avenue (the neighborhood’s “Main Street”), this stone and brick building is decidedly open and inviting to the community. Extensive transparency at the street edge creates a sense of connection to the exterior, while the warm and lively stone is inviting to the street. (from retrieved 2/16/16)

ALT text: “The Mattapan Branch Library”