Live Webcasts

April 2019

Teaching Online in Plain Language: Creating Clear Research Guides, Library Websites, and Online Instruction (April 24, 2019)
“Plain language” is a term from the legal field: federal law requires that government agencies are required to use clear communication that the public can understand and use. As online teachers, we can take advantage of the set of clear guidelines and best practices that has grown up around this requirement. Whether you’re writing for a library website, a tutorial, a research guide or some other format, you’ll learn how to make your materials more accessible to the widest possible audience.

May 2019

An Introduction to the Creative Commons (May 15, 2019)
In this interactive webcast, sort fact from fiction by exploring each of the seven Creative Commons licenses in-depth, reviewing relevant court cases to see what they tell us about the use of CC licensed works, and explore best practices for licensing our own works under CC licenses and helping our patrons to do the same.

June 2019

Controversial Topics and Difficult Dialogues - Strategies for Addressing Misinformation in the Library (June 12, 2019)
Misinformation and fake news are deeply complex and often fraught issues that can be difficult to address in the library. Misinformation is in many respects designed to play on people’s emotions, to polarize issues, and to heighten controversy.  Unpack some of the trends, concepts, and ideas surrounding misinformation, and discuss and explore strategies and techniques for addressing controversial or polarizing information in the library. Leave with concrete strategies and action plans for tackling controversial topics, misinformation, and media literacy.