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February 2024

Exploring AI with Critical Information Literacy - February 5 - March 1, 2024
From the time that ChatGPT arrived on the scene with much fanfare, and much consternation, it seems that not a day goes by without some new, and often alarming, aspect of AI entering the conversation. Debates and discussions veer from concerns around misinformation (and the ways in which AI might contribute to its increased spread) to potential threats posed to a variety of jobs, from disturbing reports of AI upholding and reinforcing racial biases and misogyny to fears around privacy. While it remains to be seen whether AI will save humanity or usher in a dystopian nightmare, what often gets muddled or even lost in many of the heated debates around AI is the fact that AI is very much a human issue. AI is created by humans, used by humans, reflects our human biases and blind spots and foibles, and has very real implications for human beings. In this course, we will examine and unpack AI through the lens of critical information literacy and will explore the ways AI is rooted in and is an expression of our social, political, and cultural systems and power structures.