RoadShow Costs

Photo of workshop participants at tablesACRL's RoadShows are an affordable way to bring high quality in-person training directly to your campus. Below is a breakdown of costs associated with hosting the workshop, as well as potential options to help recover these costs.

License Fee

Each RoadShow has a license fee, which pays for the workshop content. Workshops able to be delivered by one presenter have a smaller license fee and may have a maximum audience size of 40 participants. All workshops delivered by two presenters may have a maximum audience size of 100 participants. Please see below for license fees for a specific workshop:

Workshop One Presenter
(up to 40 participants)
Two Presenters
(up to 100 participants)
Assessment in Action $3,000 $5,000
Engaging with the ACRL Framework Not available $5,000
OER & Affordability (coming summer 2020!) Not available $5,000
Research Data Management Not available $5,000
Scholarly Communication Not available $5,000
Standards for Libraries in Higher Education $3,000 $5,000

Organizational members of ACRL receive a 10% discount off the license fee. Not sure about your organization's membership status? Contact Chase Ollis at to find out.

Expected Travel Costs

Image of Standards booklet on table with other materialsTravel costs vary, depending on flight costs for the presenters based on their locations in relation to host sites, and the lodging options made available (1 or 2 nights depending on schedule and flight availability). We have found that costs for past workshops usually land in the ballpark of $800-1,200 per presenter, but can inch a bit higher on rare occasions. Because of this, we recommend a $1,000 budget total per presenter for these expenses in addition to the license fee. *Note: travel cost estimates reflect domestic travel and may be higher for international workshops.

Other Costs

As you plan, you'll want to also consider expenses associated with:

  • Marketing the workshop to your community
  • Producing name badges and printing handouts
  • Food/Beverage
  • A/V rental
  • Interactive materials (flipcharts, markers, etc.)
  • Staffing

Cost Recovery

While the RoadShow workshops are designed to be an affordable model for delivering high quality in-person professional development to your library or organization, we know budgets can vary widely. Here are some options to help cover your costs that you may consider exploring as you begin the budgeting process:

  • Registration fee for participants or participating institutions. Please note, RoadShows are not intended to serve as profitable events for hosts, so we do not recommend charging a registration fee that exceeds cost recovery.
  • Partnering with another local institution or organization to split costs, such as a library consortium or your state chapter or association.
  • Funding from your library friends group or an individual donor who has made a commitment to the organization in the past.
  • Local vendors (e.g. a printer, caterer, or someone similar with whom you routinely do business and have a good relationship). Please note, hosts may not seek funding from a national vendor of library products/services, including your local sales representative of a national vendor. In part, this is because ACRL approaches these same organizations to fundraise for our conference and other programs. But largely, it is because of our desire to ensure that there is local commitment.
  • Another professional/staff development mechanism at your institution.
  • Including the workshop as one part of a larger grant that advances community and institutional priorities. Here are some resources from national organizations and institutions to get you started: