ACRL Presents Webcasts

ACRL Presents program offers free occasional webcasts on issues of broad interest and importance to the academic and research library community.

Upcoming Webcasts

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Archived Recordings

Lies, damned lies, and news: How do today's students stay informed and what can librarians learn from them? November 8, 2018    Open Data Repositories: Creating Equitable and Sustainable Data Access   

Update on the New Research Environment and Scholarly Communication System Project    Get to Know the Revised Standards for Libraries in Higher Education

Celebrating Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week    Addressing Cultural Humility and Implicit Bias in Information Literacy Sessions

The New Academic Library Impact Report    What We Talk About When We Talk About Open Access

Celebrating Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week     ACRL Presents: Update on Action Oriented Research Agenda - November 15, 2016   

ACRL Presents: Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?: Thinking Critically about Interviewing for Librarian Positions - May 25, 2016    ACRL Presents: Celebrating Fair Use Week, "The Fair Use Factors: Their History and Application" - February 25, 2016   

ACRL Presents: Celebrate Open Access Week all 52 Weeks of the Year - October 19, 2016    ACRL Presents: Academic Freedom in the Digital Age - September 30, 2015   

ACRL Presents: Teaching Information Literacy Threshold Concepts - July 29, 2015    ACRL Presents: Putting the Framework for Information Literacy into Action: Next Steps - a Flipped Webinar - March 11, 2015   

ACRL Presents: Does Fair Use Really Work? - February 24, 2015    ACRL Presents: Celebrating Open Access Week: Scholarly Communication Initiatives at Academic Libraries - October 23, 2014 

ACRL Presents: Update on the New IPEDS Academic Library Component - October 1, 2014