The Center for the Future of Libraries works to build connections with experts and innovative thinkers to help libraries address emerging issues. Provided below are opportunities to engage with the work of the Center - and we look forward to providing additional opportunities as they develop.

Future of Libraries Fellowship

Center for the Future of Libraries provides a fellowship for an individual or group interested in exploring the future of libraries. The fellowship includes a stipend of $10,000 to advance new ideas and perspectives for the future of libraries through the creation of a public product – report, white paper, video, resource, tool – that will help library professionals envision the future of library collections, services, spaces, technologies, or partnerships. 

Library Futures Series

The Library Futures series, published in cooperation with ALA Neal-Schuman, brings together library experts and innovators to explore the profession’s many futures by focusing on emerging trends. Learn more at the ALA Store.

Read for Later and Other E-Newsletters

The Read for Later e-newsletter provides a weekly wrap-up of news and articles that help library professionals think about trends and changes that might shape the future of collections, spaces, services, partnerships, and roles in the community. 

Symposium on the Future of Libraries (ALA Midwinter Meeting)

Part of the ALA Midwinter Meeting and Exhibits, the Symposium on the Future of Libraries features sessions to help attendees consider the near-term trends already inspiring innovation in libraries and the longer-term trends that will help us adapt to the needs of our communities.

Trend Cards

A set cards based on the trends identified by the Center for the Future of Libraries is available for you to purchase from the ALA store or download and print for free. Each card includes information about the trend and considerations for why it might matter for libraries. The cards can be used in many ways, including as conversation starters with colleagues and members of the community, as mapping tools to illustrate how trends fit together or how they fit into your community, or as starting material for innovation exercises. As the Center identifies new trends, supplement card packs will be made available.