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This post is reproduced from the ALAStore in recognition of the publication of the latest title in the Library Futures series. 

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This week’s headline quotes Andrea Thomaz, co-founder of Diligent Robotics, the creator of the Moxi robot piloted in Texas hospitals to help nurses with the approximately 30% of tasks that do not involve patient interaction, like running errands around the floor or dropping off specimens for analysis at a lab (Fast Company “A hospital introduced a robot to help nurses.

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This week’s headline quotes Richard Wiles, executive director of the environmental advocacy group the Center for Climate Integrity, whose new report estimates the need for at least $42 billion by 2040 to provide basic storm-surge protection in the form of sea walls for all coastal cities with more than 25,000 residents. The price tag provides some context for the difficult decisions that large and small communities - and the nation - will have to confront.

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This week’s headline quotes Andre M. Perry, a fellow at the Brookings Institution who researches race and structural inequality, on the changing focus in cities from downtown redevelopment to neighborhood investments to address growing income disparities (The New York Times “As downtowns prosper, voters ask mayors: What about my neighborhood?”).

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This week’s headline quotes Alec Radford, a researcher at OpenAI, arguing that new artificial intelligence technologies could help governments, companies, and other organizations spread disinformation far more efficiently (The New York Times “How A.I. could be weaponized to spread disinformation”).

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This week’s headline quotes Dennis Deninger, professor of practice at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications, on the demise of another information and cultural resource in small and rural communities: not the local newspaper, but the local radio station (The Guardian “America's rural radio stations are vanishing – and taking the country's soul with them”). 

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This week’s headline quotes Giorgos Kallis, an environmental scientist and political ecologist at The Autonomous University of Barcelona, from his 2015 paper, “Imaginaries of Hope: The Utopianism of Degrowth” – the degrowth movement sees economic growth as potentially damaging to the environment and seeks a dramatic reduction in energy and material use through access to public services, a shorter work week, and an increase in leisure time (Vice “The radical plan to save the planet by

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This week’s headline quotes Dr. Julia Duncheon, an assistant professor at the University of Texas El Paso, who studies dual credit, dual enrollment, and early colleges, on the growing popularity and challenges in opportunities for high school students to take college courses (MarketWatch “The line between high school and college is blurring — why that’s not always a good thing”).

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This week’s headline quotes Sam Thonis, co-owner with Regina Dellea of Getaway, an alcohol-free bar in Brooklyn, on the growth of alcohol-free social spaces in cities and communities filled with specific venues catering to specific interests (BBC “The rise of the sober bar”).

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This week’s headline quotes Anat Caspi, director of the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology at the University of Washington, on Washington’s and other states’ decisions to legalize bot deliveries to help companies pilot their services (Slate “Delivery bots could make cities more accessible for everyone”).

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This week’s headline quotes Dr. Sherry Turkle, the Abby Rockefeller Mauzé Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT, in a story about the design cues built into robots that trick us into thinking they are expressing emotion back toward us (The Associated Press “Be wary of robot emotions; ‘simulated love is never love’”).

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This week’s headline quotes Berkeley sociology professor Claude Fischer on the popularization of AirPods and the resulting changes and potential awkwardness in human interactions as more and more people wear the devices all the time and in public – Fischer’s conclusion is that people will have to figure out how to deal with it (BuzzFeedNews “People wearing AirPods are making things awkward for everyone else”).

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This week’s headline quotes John Brownstein, Boston Children’s Hospital’s chief innovation officer, on a new feature that lets the parents of heart-surgery patients use the hospital’s new Alexa feature to report whether their children are experiencing pain or diminished appetite after surgery (The Wall Street Journal “Amazon wants you to use Alexa to track health care”).

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This week’s headline quotes Liz Diller, partner at Diller Scofidio + Renfro and lead architect for The Shed, on the new building’s flexible design featuring open galleries, a 500-seat theater, a creative lab, a flexible events space, and a colossal moving roof that enables the building to take over the adjoining courtyard (Fast Company “NYC’s first shapeshifting building is finally here (The price tag? $400 million)”).

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