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KQ Express is the twice a month e-mail newsletter of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). KQ Express is primarily composed of brief summaries with links to more in-depth content, and includes previews of upcoming association activities and continuing education programs, news from AASL, valuable Web resources, highlights of new products and services, and summaries of new articles from AASL's print and online journals and more.

This newsletter is sent to AASL members with valid e-mail addresses on file in the ALA member database (currently over 75% of our members). Additional "pass along" distribution occurs through our members, who are encouraged to share each issue with colleagues and administrators in their school and district, and AASL's state and regional affiliate organizations, which can redistribute the newsletter to their own members.

  • Current issue of KQ Express - December 17, 2018

  • Archives
    Read past issues of KQ Express/AASL Hotlinks. Access to the archives is for ALA/AASL members only. You must be logged in to the AASL website to view this page.

  • Member Spotlight
    “Member Spotlight” is a section in KQ Express where AASL members are recognized for awards, publishing and other industry accomplishments. Submit a spotlight using the form linked above.

  • Member Currents
    In this segment of KQ Express, AASL will provide a forum for updates on its members. Types of updates include graduations, certifications earned, changes in job positions, retirements, name changes, and death notices. 

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