Membership in AASL

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) is the only national professional membership organization focused on school librarians and the school library community. AASL serves school librarians in the United States, Canada, and around the world.

For more than 75 years, AASL understands the current realities and evolving dynamics of your professional environment and is positioned to help members achieve universal recognition of school librarians as educational leaders.


Features of AASL Membership

In addition to supporting your national association, a membership in AASL/ALA also provides you:

A nationally recognized voice that advocates for the highest quality school library professional and school library through National School Library Standards, and standards for professional preparation.



Personal Memberships

  AASL ALA Total
I want to join AASL & ALA for the first time. $65 $81 $146
I want to renew/reinstate my AASL & ALA membership for the second year. $65 $123 $188
I want to renew/reinstate my AASL & ALA membership for the third year. *  $65 $162 $227
I am retired and want to join AASL & ALA. $40 $58 $98
I am a student enrolled in a library science program (5-year limit) and want to join AASL & ALA. $40 $43 $83
I am a library support staff person employed in library and information services or related activities. $40 $58 $98
I am employed full- or part-time in library service-related activities at a salary of less than $30,000 per annum, or I am unemployed, and want to join AASL & ALA. $40 $58 $98
I am already an ALA personal member and want to join AASL. $65 - $65

* ALA offers a discounted price for new members during their first and second year of membership. The third year of ALA membership is the standard pricing for membership from year three on.  


Sections & Communities of Practice

AASL personal members can also join for no additional fee:

AASL Sections

Communities of Practice (CoPs)


Other Dues and Member Types

In addition to the membership types described above, ALA also offers additional membership categories such as Continuing Members, Life Members, and Organizational and Corporate memberships.


Three Ways to Join

  1. Mail acceptance form (fillable PDF) /acceptance form (Word DOC) to:
    American Library Association
    Membership Dues
    6499 Network Place
    Chicago, IL 60673-1649
  2. Fax acceptance form (fillable PDF) /acceptance form (Word DOC) to: (312) 944-2641

  3. Join AASL online external link Please note: You will be redirected to the American Library Association's (ALA) site to join AASL. In order to join AASL, you must be a member of ALA.

Purchase orders must be mailed or faxed.


Join AASL and connect nationally with school library leaders today!