School Library Research (SLR) Editorial Board

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School Library Research Editorial Board members review articles and serve as consultants in the development of guidelines and policies for the review process and electronic publication of the journal.

Current Editorial Board Members, 2017-2018

Melissa Johnston, Ph.D. email icon
Co-Editor, SLR
University of West Georgia

Mega Subramaniam, Ph.D email icon
Co-Editor, SLR
University of Maryland

Meg Featheringham email icon
Staff Liaison, AASL
Phone: (312) 280-1396
Fax: (312) 280-5276

Maria Cahill, Ph.D.
University of Kentucky

Sarah A. Chauncey, Ph.D.
Consultant, NY

Sherry R. Crow, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska at Kearney

Aaron J. Elkins, Ph.D.
Texas Woman's University

Ann Dutton Ewbank, Ph.D.
Montana State University

Carol Gordon, Ph.D.
Gordon Consulting, MA

Lucy Santos Green, Ph.D.
Georgia Southern University

Sandra M. Hughes-Hassell, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina

Karla K. Krueger, Ph.D.
University of Northern Iowa

Eric Meyers, Ph.D.
University of British Columbia, Canada

Daniella Smith, Ph.D.
University of North Texas

Joette Stefl-Mabry, Ph.D.
SUNY-Albany, NY

Founding Editorial Board, 1997–1999

Daniel Barron
Professor and School Media Program Coordinator
University of South Carolina, College of Library and Information Science

Daniel Callison
Professor and Dean
Indiana University School of Continuing Studies and Online Education

Judy Carnal
Director of Educational Technology and Media
Metropolitan School District of Perry Township, IN

Kathleen W. Craver
Head Librarian
National Cathedral School, Washington DC

Robert Grover
Emporia State University School of Library and Information Management, KS

Barbara Immroth
University of Texas, Graduate School of Library and Information Science

Keith Curry Lance
Library Research Service, CO

Kathy Latrobe
University of Oklahoma, School of Library and Information Studies

David V. Loertscher
San Jose State University, Division of Library and Information Science, CA

Jacqueline C. Mancall
Drexel University, College of Information Science and Technology, PA

Paula Kay Montgomery
School Library Media Activities Monthly, MD

Julie I. Tallman
Associate Professor
University of Georgia, Department of Instructional Technology

Philip M. Turner
Professor and Dean
University of North Texas, School of Library and Information Sciences; Vice President for Academic Affairs