ALA Washington Office

District Dispatch external link
Keep up-to-date with what is going on in Washington from the library perspective via the official blog of the American Library Association’s Washington Office.

Legislation Scorecard
This list shows current legislation that the American Library Association is watching. Visit the ALA's Washington Office pages to get up-to-date information on key legislation that affects libraries.

CIPA and School Libraries external link

Information for librarians with questions about CIPA at their libraries, scholars interested in the legislative history of CIPA, or those interested in the ALA's position on CIPA. Includes an FAQ.

ESEA Reauthorization

Information for librarians with questions about the bipartisan reform of ESEA.

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness external link

Information on federal student loan forgiveness for librarians. Page includes the loan forgiveness provisions enacted by the legislation and where further details about loan forgiveness programs for librarians can be found.