Best Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning

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Deadline: February 1

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AASL’s Best Digital Tools are recognized for fostering qualities of:

  • Innovation/Creativity
  • Active Participation
  • Collaboration
  • User-Friendly
  • Encourages Exploration
  • Information/Reference

As well as their display of one or more of the AASL Standards Shared Foundations:

  • Inquire
  • Include
  • Collaborate
  • Curate
  • Explore
  • Engage


Nominations may be submitted by developers, school librarians, or the general public. For a tool to qualify as “digital” it must be accessible remotely (website, app, etc.). For the committee to move forward with a review of tool access must be shared free of charge. Download Copy of Application 

* Please note: The downloadable version of the application is for informational purposes only. All applications must be submitted online via the Apply Now button that will appear at the top of the page when the next award season opens in early September.


Allison Cline email icon
Deputy Executive Director


CodeSpark Academy is an app and website that wordlessly introduces young users to the world of coding through games. Parents and children can use it on their own, and educators can create classes to manage student use. Privacy Statement

Shared foundations: Explore, Engage, Inquire


Emotional ABCs Classroom is a teacher-led, research-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum that provides teachers (K–3) with 20 sequential Workshops, support materials, and a flexible structure for classroom instruction. Privacy Statement

Shared foundations: Include, Collaborate, Engage, Explore


FabuLingua is an interactive story app that teaches students Spanish as they interact with the text. Vibrant illustrations engage students as they read the story and practice their Spanish skills. Privacy Statement

Shared foundations: Inquire, Include, Engage, Explore

Facing History

Geared for the classroom teacher especially in social studies and ELA, this tool offers a wealth of resources for use on topics that address racism, anti-semitism, and prejudice throughout history. Teachers can find professional development opportunities here, and those who attend can borrow materials for free from the collection. There are a variety of lesson plans that include learning objectives and activities as well as links to text and video resources to be used in the classroom. Privacy Statement

Shared foundations: Inquire, Curate, Include

KidLit TV

KidLitTV offers in depth interviews with authors and illustrators.  On this website you will find book trailers, how to draw videos and other literacy related activities.  This website offers curated resources for books geared toward PK-3rd grade. Privacy Statement

Shared foundations-: Curate, Explore, Engage, Include

Masters of Tradition

This interactive story map allows students to explore the great diversity of cultures, communities, and artistic traditions that enrich the United States. Through abundant photographs, audio, video, short text, and first-person quotes, the story map addresses a variety of key themes, including immigration, migration, identity, heritage, and community. Privacy Statement

Shared foundations: Inquire, Include, Explore, Curate


Parlay Ideas’ is a robust discussion tool, fostering deep understanding, equitable collaboration, and mindful reflection, in both live and asynchronous learning environments. Privacy Statement

Shared foundations: Collaborate, Inquire

Talking Points

TalkingPoints is a free messenger tool for educators that helps remove barriers in language communication. The TalkingPoints app creates easier connections with parents via text messages directly to mobile devices and in their native languages. Privacy Statement

Shared foundations: Collaborate, Include, Engage


TeachingBooks introduces students and teachers to authors and teaches them the correct pronunciation of their names. It also includes book guides, activities, lesson plans, and readings and is the perfect resource for teachers and librarians looking to bring authors and their work into classrooms and libraries. Privacy Statement

Shared foundations: Explore, Curate, inquire

World 101

World 101 offers information from an independent non-partisan sources about international relations. The world is divided into regions and information is provided for each region on politics, economics, etc. From essays and discussion questions to glossaries and up-to-date reading lists, World101 provides comprehensive teaching resources for each of our modules. Privacy Statement

Shared foundations: Inquire, Curate, Explore


Zoom is an easy-to-use tool that provides video and/or voice meetings, conference rooms, webinars, and chats with file sharing abilities using desktops, mobile devices, and phones. Privacy Statement

Shared foundations: Collaborate