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By Marshall Breeding The board of directors of ProQuest has announced that Matti Shem Tov, President Ex Libris will assume leadership of the entire ProQuest organization, succeeding current CEO Kurt Sanford. This change comes a year and 4 months after the acquisition of Ex Libris, a move that significantly expanded the position of ProQuest as a content, services, and technology company for libraries.   

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By Patrick Hogan | Library Technology Reports (Vol. 51, No. 6) Library Services Platforms: A Mature Genre of Products, by Marshall Breeding, is at the printer. You can read it now, however, on ALA’s journal site:

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By Patrick Hogan | Library Technology Reports and Marshall Breeding’s Smart Libraries Newsletter will be open access for another month. Be sure to check them out. And, if you like what you see, please subscribe. Our best offer is on—a 15-month digital subscription is only $99. Your library will save $150 off the regular price.

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By Patrick Hogan | Library Technology Reports and Smart Libraries Newsletter are on a new hosting platform, using Open Journal Systems. For a limited time, through June, both will be open access. We’re hoping you will like what you see and get your library to subscribe. This year brought a new cover design to our Library Technology Reports. Here's what's inside.

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By Patrick Hogan | Nicole Hennig would love to see more librarians reviewing apps. “Have you noticed how uniformed many of the app-store reviews are?” she asks readers of her recent Library Technology Report "Selecting and Evaluating the Best Mobile Apps for Library Services." Often people write a review without understanding what the app was meant to do. Or they dash off a technical support question. Librarianship has a long tradition of reviewing books. Now is the time to apply those well-honed skills to apps and help your community find what they need in a chaotic marketplace.

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By Patrick Hogan | Jason Griffey reports on what he saw at CES press day-- a few 3D printers, including Ultimaker, a good library option; another small robot programmable in Google's Blockly, a visual programming editor; Samsung's SSD; and a drone. The soundtrack starts rough, but is much better after one minute.

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By Marshall Breeding | A new era in the corporate history of SirsiDynix, one of the corporate giants of the library technology industry, has begun. After more than eight years of ownership, Vista Equity Partners has sold SirsiDynix to ICV Partners, with Vista retaining and company executives acquiring minority stakes in the company.

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By Patrick Hogan | Jason Griffey is attending CES 2015. We'll be sharing a few of his videos as he looks at upcoming consumer electronics with an eye to library service. In the first day's press event, among the technology he saw was the Ozobot, a small robot that is programmable using Google's blockly programming editor. Visit Jason's blog Pattern Recognition for ongoing reports.

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By Jason Griffey | Editor's Note: This post is one of a series excerpted from Jason Griffey's Library Technology Report "3D Printers for Libraries."

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By Jason Griffey | Editor's Note: This post is one of a series excerpted from Jason Griffey's Library Technology Report "3D Printers for Libraries." In addition to creating “born digital” objects, you can digitize existing real-world objects to make them printable. Of the various methods of 3D scanning, as it's usually called, I’ll cover my favorite three possibilities at the moment. Like much of 3D printing, the technology for scanning is changing quickly.

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