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ALSC Education Committee is adding to ALSC’s online course and webinar offerings.  If you are interested in teaching a course or webinar, please fill out the form below and attach a copy of your resume, teaching references, and a course syllabus (not needed for webinars).  Please refer to the ALSC Online Education Proposal Information Sheet when filling out this form.  The ALSC Education Committee will be selecting proposals on a rolling basis.  Please contact the ALSC Education Committee co-chairs Tiffeni Fontno and Rachel Reinwald with questions.

Need help getting started or looking for some tips and tricks to having your proposal selected?
View the Education Committee's archived webinar on How to Write Successful ALSC Webinar & Course Proposals. Also, check out our Presenter Tip Sheet.

This form cannot be saved prior to submission.  All required fields are marked with a red asterisk and must be filled in; screen readers will say the word star.

Instructor Compensation
Online course instructors are compensated $700 for course development and 15 percent of registration fees for their first session; following sessions are compensated at 20 percent of student registration fees.  Fees are $115 for ALSC members, $165 for ALA members and $185 for nonmembers.

Webinar instructors are compensated $100 for webinar development (to be split between all presenters).

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Please provide 2-4 action-based learning outcomes framed in terms of what students will be able to do after participating in this course/webinar. Please list outcomes in a clear, specific, concise and measureable way; Starting with a strong verb is a good rule of thumb. For examples of learning outcomes, look at the current ALSC Online Education courses/webinars at


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Briefly describe the colleagues who will benefit most from participating in this learning opportunity. Examples include: Department heads, library school students, all staff serving children and their caregivers.

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Online Courses

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