ACRL Literatures in English Section 2009-2013 Strategic Plan


The Strategic Plan of the Literatures in English Section (LES) is modeled on Charting our Future: ACRL Strategic Plan 2020 of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). While LES supports the entire ACRL Strategic Plan, the Section has chosen to concentrate on areas that most clearly will advance the goals and meet the needs of Section members.

Strategic Priorities 2009-2013

"Strategic Priorities 2009-2013" are a subset of the ACRL 2020 Plan. By designating certain objectives of its 2020 Plan as Strategic Priorities, ACRL focuses its attention on key areas. Literatures in English Section's strategic priorities for 2009-2013 are modeled on ACRL's Strategic Priorities 2009-2013. Literatures in English Section's Strategic Priorities (stated as objectives) are noted below; these are the areas in which LES concentrates its efforts from 2009-2013. These Strategic Priorities are based on ACRL's 2020 Plan and are not given in order of importance.

Mission of Literatures in English Section

The Literatures in English Section, as part of the Association of College and Research Libraries, provides a forum in which academic and research librarians who support literatures in English programs exchange ideas, exercise leadership, and contribute to the improvement of library service in the field.

ACRL 2020 Strategic Area: Higher Education and Research

Goal Area: Learning

Strategic Objective: The Literatures in English Section works to improve the knowledge and techniques of academic and research librarians to teach research competency skills to students and faculty of literatures in English.

LES actions in support of this objective:

  1. Individual librarians use LES Research Competency Guidelines for Literatures in English, approved in 2007.
  2. Increase knowledge and teaching skills through programs at ALA conferences, through synchronous and asynchronous electronic media (email, newsletter, blog, chat, etc.), and through sharing citations to useful literature.
  3. Use website, wiki, LES-L, and blog as arenas to share best practices and materials.
  4. Maintain Literary Reference Discussion Group.
  5. Maintain New Members Discussion Group.
  6. Maintain Collections Discussion Group.

Strategic Objective (ACRL Strategic Priority 1, 2009-2013): Strengthen ACRL's relationships with higher education organizations that are important to faculty and administrators in order to develop institutional understanding of librarians' roles in enhancing teaching and learning. (Goal Area: Learning, Strategic Objective 2)

LES actions in support of this objective:

  1. LES worked with WESS and SEES to create a library resources discussion group within the Modern Language Association.
    STATUS: "...a new discussion group highlighting the interconnections among libraries, literatures, and languages (officially called "Libraries and Research in Languages and Literatures") has been approved..." [James R. Kelly, LES and WESS, from an email dated 27 January 2010.]

  2. LES worked with other ACRL Sections to develop a formal liaison program with the Modern Language Association.
    STATUS: "...ACRL Executive Committee, at its March 18, 2010, meeting in Chicago IL approved a two-year commitment of funds totaling $3,000 ($1,500 in FY11 and FY12) to support LES/ Modern Language Association (MLA) activities."--Mary Ellen Davis, ACRL Executive Director, email dated 23 March 2010.]

Goal Area: Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Strategic Objective (ACRL Strategic Priority 2, 2009-2013): Enhance ACRL members' understanding of how scholars work and the systems, tools, and technology to support the evolving work of the creation, personal organization, aggregation, discovery, preservation, access and exchange of information in all formats. (Goal Area: Scholarship, Strategic objective 3)

LES actions in support of this objective:

  1. Carry out a Strategic Initiative Action Plan for 2011 that incorporates audio or video interviews with English faculty members from a variety of academic institutions, addressing questions about how they work and the resources they draw on. Make this podcast or videocast available on the Web.

Additional actions in support of this objective:

  1. Encourage LES members' participation in the Modern Language Association International Bibliography (MLAIB) Discussion Group at ALA.
  2. Individual members of LES, who serve as field bibliographers for the MLA International Bibliography or the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, share insights through LES electronic media and at Midwinter and Annual conferences.
  3. Individual members of LES, who present papers at the MLA Annual conferences or other language, literature or rhetoric and composition professional organizations' conferences, share insights through LES electronic media and at Midwinter and Annual conferences.
  4. Individual members of LES, who work closely with disciplinary faculty in creating digital scholarship projects, share insights through LES electronic media and at Midwinter and Annual conferences.

Goal Area: Advocacy

Strategic Objective: "Increase ACRL's influence in public policy affecting higher education." (Goal area: Advocacy, Strategic objective 4)

LES Actions in support of this objective:

  1. Collaborate as appropriate with other ALA units and other professional and scholarly organizations when planning the annual LES program.
  2. Foster consultative and collaborative relations with the Modern Language Association (MLA).
  3. Work with other groups of library subject specialists to develop collection management strategies appropriate for the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of the humanities.

ACRL 2020 Strategic Area: The Profession

Goal Area: Continuous Learning

ACRL Strategic Objective 5. Continue to play a leadership role in promoting research and publication in academic and research librarianship thereby creating and disseminating tools and a body of knowledge for the field.

LES actions in support of continuous learning:

  1. Develop model collection development and management policies for literatures in English, and mount them on the LES website.
  2. Develop model library instructional units and handouts for literatures in English and mount them on the LES website.
  3. Track and share observations about the needs and habits of literary scholars. Post information electronically.
  4. Maintain the bibliography "Studies of Interest to English and American Literature Librarians."
  5. Track and share curricular and program developments in English departments and literatures in English programs around the world. Post information electronically.

Goal Area: Leadership

Strategic Objective. (ACRL Strategic Priority 4) Increase recognition of the value of libraries and librarians by leaders in higher education, information technology, funding agencies, and campus decision making. (Goal Area: Leadership, Strategic objective 3)

LES actions in support of this objective:

  1. Promote LES activities and values through postings to blogs and other media in higher education.
  2. Promote the 2011 LES video (2011 Strategic Initiative Action Plan) on the "many benefits of the literature librarian-teaching faculty collaboration."
  3. Presentations by LES members at a broad range of higher education and scholarly conferences.

Goal Area: Information Technology

Strategic Objective. (ACRL Strategic Priority 5) Support members in their exploration, research on, and implementation of new and emerging information technologies and their application for library services in educational environments. (Goal Area: Information Technology, Strategic objective 3)

LES actions in support of this objective:

  1. LES engages its members through its Annual Conference programs.
  2. LES engages its members through wiki, blog, electronic list, electronic newsletter, ALA Connect, chat, and other media to carry out the activities of committees and to inform and involve all of the membership.
  3. LES engages its members through the Discussion Groups (Literary Reference, Collections, New Members).
  4. LES explores virtual meeting technologies to expand participation in section activities.

ACRL 2020 Strategic Area: The Association

Goal Area: Membership

Strategic Objective. (ACRL Strategic Priority 6) Increase ACRL's membership from professionally underrepresented ethnic and racial groups. (Goal area: Membership, Strategic objective 3)

LES actions in support of this objective:

  1. Recruit and retain a diverse group of LES members.
  2. Provide mentors and conference partners.
  3. Set up opportunities for "shadowing" LES librarians around the country.
  4. Explore virtual participation at meetings.
  5. Foster and develop programming and publications that discuss multiculturalism in literature.

Final version approved by LES Executive Committee, June 25th, 2010.

The 2009 version of the LES Strategic Plan

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