BISdex (Business Information Sources Index)

BISdex: Business Information Sources Index

Accessing BISdex

BISdex is only available to current BRASS members, however, BRASS members can sponsor access for a colleague who isn't a BRASS member, such as a collections librarian at your institution.

To request access:

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Access FAQs:

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About BISdex

BISdex contains reviews of sources of interest to business information professionals. It's kind of like Wirecutter but reviewing business information sources rather than consumer products.

It aims to cover:

  • established & new databases that could be subscribed to (or purchased) by a library
  • sources that could be acquired by researchers for free or a fee
  • a wide range of content areas (e.g. labor market data, niche industry content, ESG, bread and butter financials, etc.)

These reviews are written more like how you would explain a database to another librarian 1:1, rather than what you'll find in an official database review published in a journal. We want to provide the 'cliff notes' so you can quickly decide if you want to learn more.

Reviews are reviewed/updated yearly.

Contribute to BISdex

We’re always looking for BRASS volunteers to author a source review. Learn more about becoming a contributor (note: you need to be signed into your Gmail account you provided when requesting access to BISdex to view this page).