Meet RUSA Member: Barry Trott


Barry Trott, MSLS
Special Projects & Technical Services Director
Williamsburg (VA) Regional Library
Williamsburg VA
Submitted: January 2020

Describe RUSA in three words:

Collaborative, Innovative, Inspiring

How long have you been a RUSA member?

22 years

What drew you to and continues to attract you to the RUSA Community?

The opportunity to engage and work with passionate librarians from all types of libraries who are excited about serving users.

What are you working on now that you’re excited about?

Figuring out how linked data can connect us to users in new and useful ways.

What are you currently reading/ listening to/ watching/ making?

Playing a lot of old-time music on banjo.

What advice can you share to others for a fulfilling and beneficial RUSA experience?

Get involved, volunteer, say yes when someone asks you to do something, have fun!