SCHOLCOMM Discussion List

The SCHOLCOMM email discussion list, sponsored by ACRL, is designed to meet the increasing interest in scholarly communication issues and to allow librarians and other interested parties to exchange opinions, views and news.

SCHOLCOMM is a discussion group that provides a forum for the examination and analysis of topics such as open access to scholarly information, new models of scholarly publishing, increasing journal prices, copyright law and policy, related technologies, and federal information law and policies that impact the access of scholars, students, and the general public to scholarly information. In addition to ongoing discussions of critical issues, the list will contain:

· postings on upcoming conferences
· calls for papers
· legislative news announcements
· other relevant material

This list serves an audience of librarians, researchers, scholars, policy makers, and all who have a vested interest in the sharing of scholarly communication.

ACRL welcomes its members and others interested in the various facets of scholarly communication to join in the discussion. SCHOLCOMM is structured such that only subscribers can post messages to the list and review the list to see who is subscribed.  The list is open and unmoderated.

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