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ACRL's book publishing program features a number of scholarly communication-focused titles. Visit our publications catalog for complete details on ACRL books.

Cover for Open and Equitable Scholarly Communications
Open and Equitable Scholarly Communications: Creating a More Inclusive Future 

by Nancy Maron and Rebecca Kennison with Paul Bracke, Nathan Hall, Isaac Gilman, Kara Malenfant, Charlotte Roh, and Yasmeen Shorish

C&RL Articles

ACRL's scholarly research journal College & Research Libraries (C&RL) regularly publishes articles on scholarly communication trends and issues. Visit the C&RL website for more original research.

Abigail Goben and Tina Griffin. "In Aggregate: Trends, Needs, and Opportunities from Research Data Management Surveys." November 2019.

Alex Wood-Doughty, Ted Bergstrom, Douglas G. Steigerwald. "Do Download Reports Reliably Measure Journal Usage? Trusting the Fox to Count Your Hens?" July 2019.

Dr Braddlee and Amy VanScoy. "Bridging the Chasm: Faculty Support Roles for Academic Librarians in the Adoption of Open Educational Resources." May 2019.

Robert Heaton, Dylan Burns, and Becky Thoms. "Altruism or Self-Interest? Exploring the Motivations of Open Access Authors." May 2019.

Franklin Sayre and Amy Riegelman. "Replicable Services for Reproducible Research: A Model for Academic Libraries." March 2019.

Allison Hosier. "Research is an Activity and a Subject of Study: A Proposed Metaconcept and Its Practical Application." January 2019.

Mary Kandiuk, Harriet M. Sonne de Torrens. "Academic Freedom and Librarians’ Research and Scholarship in Canadian Universities." November 2018.

Fei Shu, Philippe Mongeon, Stefanie Haustein, Kyle Siler, Juan Pablo Alperin, and Vincent Larivière. "Is It Such a Big Deal? On the Cost of Journal Use in the Digital Era." September 2018.

Marie R. Kennedy and Kristine R. Brancolini. "Academic Librarian Research: An Update to a Survey of Attitudes, Involvement, and Perceived Capabilities." September 2018.

Jamie Carlstone, Ayla Stein, Michael Norman, and John Wilkin. "Copyright Renewal of U.S. Books Published in 1932: Re-analyzing Ringer's Study to Determine a More Accurate Renewal Rate for Books." July 2018.

Franklin Sayre and Amy Riegelman. "The Reproducibility Crisis and Academic Libraries." January 2018.

Joseph D. Olivarez, Stephen Bales, Laura Sare, and Wyoma vanDuinkerken. "Format Aside: Applying Beall's Criteria to Assess the Predatory Nature of both OA and Non-OA Library and Information Science Journals." January 2018.

Ixchel M. Faniel and Lynn Silipigni Connaway. "Librarians' Perspectives on the Factors Influencing Research Data Management Programs." January 2018.


C&RL News Articles

The ACRL Research and Scholarly Environment Committee edits a monthly column in C&RL News examining scholarly communication topics. Visit the C&RL News website to read additional columns and other related articles.

Arthur “A.J.” Boston. "What do you mean? Research in the Age of Machines." November 2019.

Melissa Seelye, Madison Edgar, and Marni Harrington. "Learning by doing: Highlighting the successful collaboration between an open access peer-reviewed journal, a scholarly communication class, and a supportive library." October 2019.

Yasmeen Shorish and Nathan Hall. "Creating the ACRL research agenda for scholarly communication: A move towards more equitable, open systems." September 2019.

Karen Munro. "Renewing the system: Thinking broadly about equity, diversity, and inclusion in scholarly communication." July/ August 2019.

Kristen Ratan, Leslie Chan, Ashley Farley, and Heather Joseph. "ACRL-SPARC Forum: What we learned about community alignment and equity for emerging scholarly infrastructure." June 2019.

Ellen Dubinsky. "Does open access make cents? Return on investment in the institutional repository." May 2019.

Lindsey Gumb. "An open impediment: Navigating copyright and OER publishing in the academic library." April 2019.

Debbie Feisst and Willa Tavernier. "OpenCon 2018: Building a community of openness, advocacy, and activism/" March 2019.

Jenny Hoops, Sarah Hare. "Library publisher resources: Making publishing approachable, sustainable, and values-driven." February 2019.

Hailley M. Fargo, Nicholas J. Rowland, and Jeffrey A. Knapp. "Scholarship as conversation: Using book reviews to think about scholarly communication." January 2019.

Kelly McElroy and Laurie M. Bridges. "Multilingual access: Language hegemony and the need for discoverability in multiple languages." December 2018.