Reference Services Section RSS 2008 Annual Highlights Evaluation of Reference

COMMITTEE: Evaluation of Reference and User Services Committee



DATES: June 28, 2008


MEMBERS PRESENT: Carol Anderson, Caroline Bordinaro, Rachel Bridgewater, Deborah Costa, Ruby Licona, Colleen Seale, Kornelia Tancheva, David Vidor, Susan Ware

MEMBERS ABSENT: Daniela Esparo (Intern, 2007-2008), Jeannette Moss, Dana Scott Peterman, Emily Rimland, Patricia A. Rosseel, Rob Vega


OBJECTIVES: To disseminate information about "Measuring and Assessing Reference Services and Resources: A Guide."

SUMMARY: (summarize discussions, decision reached, follow-up action decided) Discussed and identified publications and sites in which to publicize existence of document. Discussed potential methods for keeping document on RSS website fresh. Discussed and identified potential focus for an open forum discussion at the committee meeting on Sunday, January 25, 2009.

EVALUATION: Excellent. All members participated in the discussion and eagerly volunteered to follow-through on next steps identified by group.

PROBLEMS: Uncertainty about technology (wikis, blogs, etc.) available within ALA/RUSA/RSS. Virginia Cole was helpful in providing information needed.

RECOMMENDATIONS: The work of this committee seems to be a natural "add-on" to any publicity or programs RUSA produces around their revised definition of reference. Within RSS, this committee is trying to partner with other committees or discussion groups on programming.