Yogapalooza Online Kids’ Yoga & Mindfulness Training

Yogapalooza Online Kids’ Yoga & Mindfulness Training

Yogapalooza has prepared many librarians for adding mindfulness content to youth programs and creating their own kids’ yoga classes. Participants in this training will receive access to:

  • Popular and highly requested music with built-in kids’ yoga activities. All music includes clear direction and makes teaching yoga easy to implement (i.e., “I see a bear in a tree” = tree pose).
  • 15 popular mindfulness activities that have helped thousands of children (and their adults) be focused and calm.
  • Popular child-appropriate yoga poses, and the information needed to feel confident teaching them to children.
  • Science on mindfulness and the brain, including executive function and physiology.
  • Tips on using yoga and mindfulness to support children with special needs and ADHD.
  • Ideas to connect yoga poses and activities to books and teaching concepts like STEM, the natural world, outer space, animals, seasons, holidays, and much more. 
  • Class planning tools and themes like Teddy Bear Yoga.
  • Professional certificate of completion and opportunity for personal feedback from Bari.

With the right training, ANYONE can be off and running, teaching all the wonderful benefits of yoga and mindfulness to children. Backed by science, with hundreds of five-star reviews, Bari’s kids’ yoga and mindfulness online training is considered the best in early education. 

"I took another training before I met Bari. But after Yogapalooza, I found it so much easier to put together yoga programs for the kids. Your songs really make it simple to mix and match activities and plan an hour-long program in no time."

—Becky Shaknovich, Head Children’s Librarian, Philadelphia, PA

Check out a free preview of the course. PLA is thrilled to partner with Yogapalooza to offer librarians a reduced rate for this training. Individual practitioners can access all of the resources for $299. Additional discounts are available for bulk purchases. Learn more and register directly with Yogapalooza!

About Bari Koral

Bari Koral is a popular children's recording artist and a globally recognized kids’ yoga educator. She has written many of the most popular songs for kids yoga, music and movement. With hits like “Going on a Dragon Hunt,” “The Yoga Alphabet,” “Fly Like a Butterfly,” and more, Bari’s songs and activities are used by tens of thousands of children, parents, and teachers every day.