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Advertising opportunities in Public Libraries, the official journal of PLA, and PLA's electronic products: Public Libraries Online, PLA E-News, PLA E-Blast, and PLA Webinar Sponsorship.

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To place an advertisement, please contact:

Pam Marino, Advertising Sales Manager
860-347-6933 ext. 128

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Readership Information

Public Libraries readers are responsible for allocating library budgets; they count on PL to help them make smart buying decisions. Use PL to show librarians how your products and services meet their patron's needs.

Advertise in PL to Reach a Uniquely Profitable Market

Public library users include children, young adults, business professionals, leisure readers, seniors, and adult learners. To meet the diverse needs of these groups, PL readers purchase books in English and other languages; nonprint media; hardware and software; automation and security systems; equipment and furniture; programming supplies; and a host of other items that enhance daily library service.


Published bimonthly, Public Libraries is the official journal of the Public Library Association (PLA), a division of the American Library Association. Its purpose is to address the continuing education and professional development needs of public librarians and trustees. Feature articles and regular columns deal with current issues and trends in public library service.

Total Circulation as of June 2022

Members: 8,532
Subscribers: 374
Total: 8,906

Advertising Placement

Advertisements are placed according to the mechanical production requirements for each issue. Requests for patterned position of units in the same issue will be accepted for a surcharge of 10% of the earned rate for each of the units involved, subject to mechanical production requirements.

Frequency and Combined Rates

To qualify for frequency rates, contracts are required. Qualification is based on insertions over a 12-month period. Advertisers owned by the same parent company may combine their insertions to earn frequency rates; a master contract is required.

Frequency rates can be earned by any combination of insertions in these PLA publications and electronic products:

Special Rates may also be earned for the same ad running in a combination of these publications and products.

Agency Commissions

Agency commission is 15% of gross for recognized agencies. Manufacturing charges are noncommissionable. There is no cash discount.


First-time advertisers or agencies are required to pay at the time of the initial order. Other accounts are payable within 30 days of the invoice. Non-U.S. advertisers are required to pay in U.S. currency at the time of the initial order.

Advertisers and their agencies have dual liability for payment. Conflicting agreements between advertisers and agencies, even if listed on insertion orders,are superseded by this condition of the American Library Association.

Copy and Contract Regulations

All advertising is subject to publisher's approval. Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all printed advertising content (text and illustrations) and also assume responsibility for any claims against the publisher resulting from that content. Cancellations are not accepted after the closing dates for space reservations. Covers and special positions cannot be canceled. All cancellations must be confirmed.

Issuance and Closing Dates

Issue Reservations Due Materials Due Editorial Theme
January/February 2023 November 4, 2022 November 11, 2022 Knowing/Understanding Your Library Customers
March/April 2023 December 30, 2022 January 6, 2023 Libraries in a Politically Charged Age
May/June 2023 March 1, 2023 March 7, 2023 The Trauma-Informed Library
July/August 2023 April 26, 2023 May 3, 2023 EDI (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion)
September/October 2023 TBD TBD Library Leadership
November/December 2023 TBD TBD Library Data


Rates (Reflects Color Advertisements)

Space Rate Specs
1/2 page $1,500 7.25” x 4.5”
Full page $2,000 7.25” x 10” No Bleed or 8.25” X 10.75” Bleed
Cover $2,800 8.25” x 10.75”


Publication trim size: 8" x 10.5"

Full Page Bleed Ads: 8.25" x 10.75"
No fractional bleed ads accepted.

Printing: Offset

Binding: Saddle-stitched

Materials: PDF files (PDFX-1a compliant or press quality). Make sure all placed logos and images are a minimum of 300 dpi. Contact the advertising sales manager for specs for electronic files.

Advertise in PLA's Electronic Products

Public Libraries Online

Banner Size Cost
300 x 250 pixels $800 per month

Materials due three days before initial run date.

PLA E-News

Banner Size Cost
500 x 80 pixels (above the fold) $800 per issue

Material due date varies (usually mails end of month).

PLA E-Blast

Your custom HTML message will be sent to approximately 5,000+ members who have opted to receive third-party e-mails via PLA.

$1,500 per e-blast

Please send art one week prior to scheduled send date.

PLA Webinar Sponsorship

PLA hosts monthly webinars that are specifically designed for the public library world. Topics address current issues, hot topics, and perennial library subjects. PLA webinars offer attendees peer-to-peer learning opportunities as well as access to experts and thought-leaders. A webinar sponsorship offers a great opportunity to gain visibility among public librarians. Our sponsors are recognized as partners in the continuously-evolving public library world.

$1,000 per webinar sponsorship

Advertisers receive:

  • Sponsorship acknowledgment on the webinar's promotional webpage.
  • A thank-you and mention of the sponsorship at the beginning and end of the webinar, including company web address.
  • A "sponsored by" slide which will rotate during the preshow, and also be displayed while the moderator is reading the thank you and sponsorship information at the beginning and end of the webinar.
  • The webinar sponsorship information will be captured in the webinar archive.