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As PLA transitions its webinar content to the new, centralized ALA eLearning site, some older on-demand webinars may be temporarily unavailable for purchase. However, many of PLA’s older on-demand webinars are free, each denoted with a green “Free!” icon below the title, and remain available here on the PLA website during the transition to the ALA eLearning site. If you’d like to purchase access to an older on-demand webinar, please contact PLA at plawebinars@ala.org and we will follow up with you when these products are available on the new eLearning site.

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Spotlight on Safety: Addressing Threats in Public LibrariesSpotlight on Safety: Addressing Threats in Public Libraries
FREE on-demand town hall in collaboration with ULC and ARSL
Panelists: Maria McCauley, Justin Lock, Manya Shorr, Leah Esguerra & Dustin Koopman

Public libraries are increasingly responding to violent and inflammatory speech and targeted attacks on their buildings, workers, and patrons. Over the last two weeks of September, libraries in five cities faced bomb or shooting threats that resulted in canceled events and closures. These incidents also come directly on the heels of widespread intimidation related to censorship in the past year. Thankfully, no one was hurt in these recent threats, but the stress and disruption of service take a toll on library workers and the communities they serve. Facing such threats to our basic safety can often be traumatic and isolating. The Public Library Association (PLA)—in collaboration with the Urban Libraries Council (ULC) and the Association for Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL)—invites all library workers to join a virtual event to reflect and share with public library colleagues across the country. During this event, panelists will participate in a facilitated conversation that explores effective policies and practices to improve safety and security for library staff and patrons, and invites questions and resources to be shared among all attendees. More…

Public Library Staff and Diversity: Results from PLA’s 2021 SurveyPublic Library Staff and Diversity: Results from PLA’s 2021 Survey
FREE on-demand webinar
Panelists: Maria McCauley, Dan Hensley, Sara Goek & Katina Jones

An overview of the results of the 2021 annual survey on Public Library Staff and Diversity. The results provide new and updated information related to beginning librarian and library director salaries; staff roles; hiring and retention efforts; and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) goals and activities. This free on-demand webinar highlights how the data suggests both opportunities and challenges for the future of public libraries. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and learn how to engage in PLA’s on-going data-related initiatives. More…

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Using Data to Engage Underserved CommunitiesUsing Data to Engage Underserved Communities
Panelists: Kate Jacobs & Jodi Kolo

In 2021, the Oak Park Public Library in Illinois developed its first “Strategic Plan Against Racism.” One component of this new plan is reaching underserved people in their community. But how could they reach their community if they did not understand who made up its members? The first step in understanding the make-up of their community was looking at the data available to them via Savannah, their community engagement software, and understanding the community's context in Oak Park. With this data, the library created a multi-channel, integrated marketing campaign that was specifically designed to reach different segments of the community that historically have been marginalized. Each campaign component had targeted messages and a call to action to raise awareness outlined in the “Strategic Plan Against Racism.” In this on-demand webinar, learn how the campaign used a variety of marketing channels, a consistent message, and repetition—resulting in re-engagement of cardholders and new cardholder sign-ups at pre-pandemic levels. More…

Community Powered Adult LearningCommunity Powered Adult Learning
Panelists: Dan Hensley, Lydian Brambila & Grif Peterson

Despite demand and an eagerness to learn from engaged community members, we know that adult learning in the library doesn’t just “happen.” Learning circles are a great way to engage peer-to-peer adult learning, but many libraries feel that it takes too much staff time to facilitate. Since 2019, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) has worked with Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) to offer its We Learn program, which utilizes learning circles as a format for demand-driven adult education. By taking courses together as a group, learners often feel more motivated to work through the material, deepen their learning through discussion, and develop relationships with neighbors who have similar interests. To lower the burden on staff, CLP and P2PU streamlined learning circles with the library’s volunteer program, allowing volunteers to convene small groups of learners around topics of mutual interest. The We Learn model of adult learning allows you to leverage assets that are freely available in your community to expand your program offerings. In this on-demand webinar, we outline the free P2PU and We Learn resources that you can utilize to begin your own volunteer-led learning circles. More…



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