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As PLA transitions its webinar content to the new, centralized ALA eLearning site, some older on-demand webinars may be temporarily unavailable for purchase. However, many of PLA’s older on-demand webinars are free, each denoted with a green “Free!” icon below the title, and remain available here on the PLA website during the transition to the ALA eLearning site. If you’d like to purchase access to an older on-demand webinar, please contact PLA at plawebinars@ala.org and we will follow up with you when these products are available on the new eLearning site.

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Informing Parents and Families About Recommended COVID-19 Vaccines for ChildrenInforming Parents and Families About Recommended COVID-19 Vaccines for Children
FREE on-demand webinar
Panelists: Melanie Huggins, Dr. Dipesh Navsaria & Erin Hemlin

The American Library Association is partnering with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) “We Can Do This” campaign to share trusted information about COVID-19 vaccines with parents and families with children. The partnership focuses on information for parents and guardians of children younger than 12 years old. Currently, vaccination rates for ages 5–11 are significantly lower than older age groups. The “We Can Do This” campaign provides a range of expert-verified outreach tools and sharable resources that libraries can use to inform their communities, including resources about COVID-19 vaccinations for children ages 5 and older. This on-demand webinar, sponsored by the ALA Public Policy & Advocacy Office, highlights ways that libraries can inform parents and families using the expert-verified outreach resources from HHS’ “We Can Do This” campaign. More…

PLA Digital Literacy Workshop Incentive Office HourPLA Digital Literacy Workshop Incentive Office Hour
FREE on-demand webinar
Panelists: Mary Hirsh, Michelle Frisque & B.B. Browne

Every day community members who lack basic computer knowledge and skills access their local public libraries hoping to complete life tasks many of us take for granted. The Public Library Association (PLA) is proud to partner with AT&T to expand upon its work helping libraries and their communities close the digital divide through new and improved DigitalLearn.org courses and training materials. To support local adoption, PLA is launching the PLA Digital Literacy Workshop Incentive supported by AT&T, which offers funding for public libraries to conduct digital literacy training in their communities and promote the new and improved DigitalLearn.org courses. Applications are being accepted until 11:59 PM Central on June 10, 2022. Learn more about this opportunity and how to apply during this “office hours” style on-demand webinar. More…

Fighting Fake News through Public LibrariesFighting Fake News through Public Libraries
FREE on-demand webinar
Panelist: Sonnet Ireland

Fake news has become a new constant. Whether it’s propaganda, advertainment, or literal fake news, misinformation is not going away. In a world where you can’t trust everything you read, where can you turn? Unsurprisingly, many people turn to their local libraries. Public libraries have worked hard to offer programs on this topic, but it can be tricky territory. Politics can be an issue in any library, but public libraries in particular have to be careful about alienating audiences. So, how can we create safe, nonjudgmental opportunities to teach our patrons how to assess information for accuracy, bias, and legitimacy? How can we teach about fake news without it feeling forced or pedantic? By slipping it into programming that your audience wants to know more about! In this free on-demand webinar, participants learn strategies for using information literacy as a gateway to teach about fake news (and have it actually sink in). More…

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Advancing Access for Library Customers with Sensory NeedsAdvancing Access for Library Customers with Sensory Needs
Panelists: Barbara White, Uma Srivastava & Leigh Kapsos

Are your services, resources, and programs developed through a lens of equity and access? One in six individuals has a sensory need in the United States today. These individuals represent all demographics and include those who experience autism, PTSD, dementia, ADHD, anxiety, Parkinson’s, and more. Learn how to ensure that your library is a welcoming place for all customers with sensory needs. Webinar participants will connect the experiences of two libraries, very different in size and community, and the work of a non-profit dedicated to sensory-inclusive community spaces, to their own library contexts; define challenges and opportunities in their own diversity and inclusion efforts; and determine next steps toward collaborative resource-building for sensory inclusion. More…

Brave Voices, Brave ChoicesBrave Voices, Brave Choices
Panelists: Tonya Aikens, Katie DiSalvo-Thronson & Brooke McCauley

Brave Voices, Brave Choices (BVBC) is a public promise to learn, grow, and act on our collective commitment to move past anti-racism statements, engage residents and local systems, advance equity, and create the reality we want for all people. While Howard County in Maryland is acclaimed for its diversity, its Black residents increasingly have the worst outcomes across most self-sufficiency indicators, such as unemployment, poverty, and evictions. In this on-demand webinar, learn how the Howard County Library System provided the data-informed foundation needed to lead and drive change through their BVBC initiative. More…

Libraries as Climate Resilience Hubs: Working with Your Community to Take ActionLibraries as Climate Resilience Hubs: Working with Your Community to Take Action
Panelists: Matthew Bollerman, Annemarie Gordon & Rebekkah Smith Aldrich

The impacts of climate change are already being felt by communities across the world. By embedding sustainable decision making into their policies and actions, libraries can become leaders in building community resilience against threats due to climate change. In this on-demand webinar, members of the Sustainable Libraries Initiative (SLI) present case studies from libraries that have integrated triple-bottom-line ideals into the heart of their institutional decision making and, as a result, have transformed their organizations. These examples show how sustainable best practices within the library can be promoted as a model for other community organizations. Sharing resources and information with community members and working together with community partners can serve to elevate the library’s position as an important stakeholder in planning for an uncertain future. Learn about SLI and its step-by-step guide to incorporating sustainable decision-making strategies into library policies and practice to bring about transformational change. More…



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