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Data Literacy for Youth: Using Census Data in Public Library ProgrammingData Literacy for Youth: Using Census Data in Public Library Programming
FREE on-demand webinar
Instructors: Kimberley Glascoe, Karisa Tashjian & Tess Wilson

Data literacy is increasingly an essential skill set for navigating everyday life. Learn how public libraries can increase awareness and understanding among youth of the pervasive role of data in their lives. The rich resources of the U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistics in Schools are a valuable tool to advance data literacy, and many libraries are using Census data to foster civic education and community engagement among children and teens. The webinar speakers discuss approaches to data literacy that reach diverse populations and address real-world issues of interest to youth. Discover how public library programs and services can help children and young adults think critically and ethically about data. More…

Strengthen Patron Workforce Opportunities with Labor Market InformationStrengthen Patron Workforce Opportunities with Labor Market Information
FREE on-demand webinar
Panelists: Stephanie Holcomb, David Klokner, Ron Painter & Natalie Ruppert

Helping patrons with job search and resumes are just the first steps toward economic recovery and resilience; libraries are well-positioned to help people explore career opportunities and prepare for the future of work. Library staff accessing and using state and regional labor market information (LMI) are better equipped to work with community partners to help people move from “dead-end” jobs to “quality” jobs and careers that match people’s skills and passion. This second webinar in the Public Libraries: Partners in Workforce Development series highlights LMI resources and use cases and demonstrates how this information can inform and improve workforce service development, outreach, and partnerships to connect residents with in-demand jobs, gain in-demand skills, and improve economic mobility. More…

Partnering to Meet Community Workforce NeedsPartnering to Meet Community Workforce Needs
FREE on-demand webinar
Panelists: Xenia Hernández, Scott B. Sanders, Shayne Spaulding & Shanika Wallace

The first webinar in the Public Libraries: Partners in Workforce Development series introduces and showcases national workforce partners and local collaborative program examples. Panelists will answer the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and, most importantly, HOW to collaborate to improve library services and visibility—no matter your starting point—as well as enhance patron and community impacts. Hear from the director of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies and better understand their network and resources. Learn about local workforce ecosystems from the Urban Institute. And hear from Saint Paul (MN) Public Library and Ramsey County (MN) Workforce Solutions staff about their CARES Act-funded Career Labs and how they are working to sustain the labs and pivot to meet changing community needs. More…

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Dismantling Racism in Collaborative CollectionsDismantling Racism in Collaborative Collections
Instructors: Shaneé Yvette Murrain & Penelope Shumaker

In 2019, Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) launched a strategy that emphasized its commitment to empowering institutions and communities that have been historically marginalized, underserved, and underrepresented, and promoting diverse and inclusive collections and stories. As part of this work, DPLA recently launched the Black Women’s Suffrage Digital Collection, a collaborative project that provides access to 200,000+ archival materials that help tell the story of the critical role Black women played—and continue to play—in the voting rights and civil rights movements. In order to address the inclusion of harmful language in collection metadata, the DPLA Metadata Working Group created a harmful language statement to explain the work librarians and archivists must do to balance the preservation of the history of people who have experienced trauma and harm with sensitivity in how it is presented to users. In this on-demand webinar, DPLA staff and representatives from DPLA’s network discuss opportunities, challenges, and learnings encountered during this work; outline next steps for DPLA and member institutions in creating more diverse and equitable collections; and cover anticipated challenges as this work continues. More…

Leadership during COVID-19: Pivoting from Reactive Survival to Proactive Planning for the FutureLeadership during COVID-19: Pivoting from Reactive Survival to Proactive Planning for the Future
Instructors: Krista Riggs & Connie Urquhart

As libraries prepare for the ”next normal” of life after shutdowns, library leaders can make the most of this rare moment by pivoting from a reactive state to a proactive one that is built upon a foundation of clear strategy and intention. In this on-demand webinar, learn to rethink organizational structure, priorities, and workflow to overcome traditional and systemic challenges and create more nimble teams. Using the ”five C’s” of crisis leadership—candor, compassion, courage, commitment, and communication—libraries can build trust and establish relationships needed to confidently motivate their teams forward, maintaining positive adaptations from the pandemic while reimagining past practices and redefining purpose and priorities to emerge even stronger and more relevant to their communities. More…

Reimagining School Partnership Programs during the PandemicReimagining School Partnership Programs during the Pandemic
Instructor: Natalie Houston

At a time when education, including school and library use, are dramatically impacted by the COVID‑19 pandemic, the Orange County Library System in Orlando, FL reimagined its school partnership program to adapt to their community’s needs. Learn how they transformed their existing school services into virtual services, including their liaison program, storytelling visits, field trips, parent presentations, and school library card drives. Discover how the library engaged staff in their changing roles by providing templates, training, and a discussion forum to support them. Through a thoughtful approach and great reflexes, the outcome of the library’s virtual school services has increased accessibility and participation rather than diminished it. This on-demand webinar will help you better position your library as a partner of educators in their most challenging moment. More…



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