Candidate for Director-at-Large

Candidate for Director-at-Large Sandy Wee

Sandy Wee

Candidate for Director-at-Large Sandy WeeBiography

Sandy Wee is the library services manager at San Mateo County Libraries in California. Throughout her journey in the library profession, she's always felt a pull to use her skills and motivation to give back the incredible support she's received. Grateful for the unwavering support of mentors and peers, aspiration is to continue extending her positive impact nationally.

She envisions herself as an inspiration and advocate for individuals who share similar backgrounds, aiming to be an effective advocate, a caring listener, and a supportive mentor. Her deep passion revolves around tackling challenges like the digital divide, promoting inclusivity, and advocating for equity for everyone. She firmly believes that our collective strength as individuals and professionals grows through active participation and giving back. This commitment isn't just a personal choice; it's a vital step in validating and fortifying the library profession.

During her free time, she enjoys crafting and spending time with friends.

Personal Statement

“In my library adventure, I aim to continue to make a positive mark on a national scale. I want to be an inspiration for those who share similar backgrounds, tackling issues like the digital divide, promoting inclusivity, and championing equity. The opportunity to serve on the PLA board aligns perfectly with my belief in active involvement and giving back to the community."