PLA Donors

Thanks to PLA’s Annual Appeal Donors!

Includes individual donations received since the beginning of ALA Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22), or September 1, 2021.

$500 to $999

Vailey Oehlke

$100 to $499

Monique le Conge Ziesenhenne
Candice Wing-yee Mack
Samantha McCoy
Pat Mora
Janet Stone
Felton Thomas
Chris Warren

Under $100

Shayan Amiri
Jason Baker
Barbara Bauer
Holly Campbell-Polivka
Harriet Coalter
Renee Di Pilato
Denise Fiedler
Heather Firchow
Matthew Gill
Alan Harkness
Kathryn Johnson
Joy Kim
Kimberly Knight
Caroline Labbe
Colleen Lashway
Maria McCauley
Marilyn McManus
Kristen Mulvihill
Sandra Munger
Kathleen Nichols
Kara O'Keefe
Jacqueline Owens
Kennedy Penn-O’Toole
Carol Phillips
Marsha Ramey
Mario Ramos
Siobhan Reardon
Brian Schmidt
Amy Schrank
Julie Sherwood
Martha Sykora
Megan Tarbett
Lisa Wells
Carrie Willson


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And thanks to PLA’s 2020–2021 Annual Appeal Donors

Includes individual donations received since the beginning of ALA Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21), September 1, 2020–August 31, 2021.

$100 to $499

Carolyn Anthony
Denise Dorn
Vailey Oehlke
Pat Mora Felton Thomas
Chris Warren

Under $100

Shayan Amiri
Warren Behan
Stephanie Beverage
Paula Bornstein
Gayle Bouvet
Nancy Bradford
Brenda Brown
Mary Buck
Steve Casburn
Brenda Cheatham
Heidi Colom
Michael Corbo
Denise Davis
Amanda Day
Tina Dolcetti
G. Dority
Pamela Edwards
Mamie Eng
Lucia Escobar
Heather Firchow
Irene Galvan
Mary Goldberg
Janet Henderson
Tricia Karlin
Joy Kim
Caroline Labbe
Jody Lazar
Diana Lennon
Susan Levine
Belle Lindsey
Barbara Luebke
Samantha McCoy
Jamie Mendenhall-Turner
Julie Menders
Jo Ann Messina
Anita Murphy
Kara O'Keefe
Kenton Oliver
Jacqueline Owens
Dorothy Ownes
Tana Peckham
Norma Pountney
Jeffrey Rosenberg
Elizabeth Schmidt
Kim Seter
Stephen Smith
Shirley Sprenne
Kelly States
James Stewart
Martha Sykora
Abby Thorne
May Tom
Kathleen Wade