Candidate for PLA President (2025–2026)

Dr. Brandy McNeil

Candidate for PLA President (2025–2026) Dr. Brandy McNeil


As the deputy director of branch programs and services at the New York Public Library, Dr. Brandy McNeil has transformed community access to technology, knowledge, and opportunity across the 89 branches under her stewardship. Dr. McNeil's game-changing innovations have forged successful partnerships between libraries and corporate giants. Her contributions to library science include serving on the Board of Directors for the Public Library Association (PLA), serving as a liaison on the PLA Conference Committee, serving as the chair and co-chair for the PLA Digital Literacy Committee, as well as proudly serving on the Black Caucus of the American Library Association Executive Board and being a contributing writer for the book Libraryland; It's All About The Story (2020). Dr. McNeil is also a proud member of the New York Library Association, a columnist for Public Libraries Magazine, and the recipient of the 2017 Movers and Shakers Award. Dr. McNeil's expertise is not limited to her work in libraries, she holds a Doctorate in business, a Master's in entrepreneurship, and has worked for several Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. McNeil is a mother and caretaker of her mother who is paralyzed due to strokes. She is an entrepreneur, tech mentor volunteer for, and also does motivational speaking to young kids and adults in the Queens neighborhood where she raised her son. She is a lover of documentaries, biographies, self-help books, and reality shows. In her spare time, Dr. McNeil enjoys traveling, group exercise, tennis, roller skating, and new experiences.​​​​​​

Personal Statement

“As a devoted member of the Public Library Association, I have discovered a home with my peers. My journey from serving on PLA committees and advocating for expanding digital inclusion resources in libraries; to contributing on the PLA board, has instilled in me an unwavering belief in our mission. As president-elect, I aspire to ensure that diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice remain at the core of our efforts and ensure we assist in navigating the challenges of intellectual freedom, funding issues, and the changing landscape of technology such as artificial intelligence. I firmly believe that embracing technology doesn't mean abandoning our traditional values but instead means bringing awareness, and guidance and being open to the right opportunities to enhance our services, broaden access, and empower our patrons to navigate an unprecedented advancement in technology. Public libraries are many things to many people and I want to continue to help public libraries across our nation evolve while upholding our cherished values and being the beacon for future generations.”