Catherine Cardwell

Catherine Cardwell headshot
Describe yourself in three words

Curious, innovative, unflappable.

What are you reading (or listening to on your mobile device)?

I am reading "The Lost Words" by Robert Macfarlane (author) and Jackie Morris (illustrator). I hope to read "The Dutch House" by Ann Patchett during the holiday break.

Describe ACRL in three words:

Network, expertise, learning.

What do you value about ACRL?

ACRL provides opportunities for academic librarians to engage in life-long learning and professional development. Most recently, ACRL served as the publisher for an edited volume that I worked on with my long-time colleague and friend Colleen Boff. The ACRL professionals who worked on the project with us were thorough and had exceptional follow-through. We truly appreciated their expert advice and guidance.

What do you as an academic librarian contribute to your campus?

As dean of the library, I strive to put the library at the center of campus efforts, from supporting student success to promoting faculty scholarship and engaging with our community. It’s my goal to make sure that all students, faculty, and staff see the library as welcoming, relevant, and, most importantly, inclusive. I sometimes joke with my colleagues that I am the luckiest dean because the library gets to work with incredible faculty and students in all disciplines from across the university.

In your own words

I have been an academic librarian for 25 years now. When I started, I couldn’t have imagined the variety of opportunities and experiences I’ve had along the way and the incredible librarians, leaders, faculty, and students I’ve encountered. Most importantly, I couldn’t have imagined what academic libraries have become. Going forward, academic libraries have a number of serious issues to contend with—making our profession more equitable, diverse, and inclusive; adapting to the changing nature of research, scholarship, and higher education; and teaching students to be critical consumers of information. However, I am confident that academic librarians, with our commitment and engagement, will meet those challenges and continue to make an impact.

Credentials:MLS, MA

Title:Regional Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs & Dean of the Library

Workplace:University of South Florida Saint Petersburg

Location:Saint Petersburg, FL