Spectrum Scholars & Emerging Leaders

Each year, with support from Friends of YALSA & Leadership Endowment donations, YALSA sponsors two Spectrum Scholars and at least one ALA Emerging Leader.  Current and past Scholars and Emerging Leaders are listed below. 

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Spectrum Scholars

Cristian Alejandro Martinez, 2018
Cearra Harris, 2018
Andrea Castillo, 2017
Jose Cruz, 2017
Alice Son, 2016
Claudio Leon, 2015
Victoria Thomas, 2014
Ivelisse Maldonado, 2013
Hannah Gomez, 2012
Hoan-Vu Do, 2011
Cristina Mitra, 2010
Jamie Young, 2009


Emerging Leaders

Nicole Husbands, 2018
Laurel D.  Johnson, 2017
Kayla Marie Figard, 2016
Johana Orellana, 2015
Dolly Goyal, 2014
Annie Schutte, 2013 
Lori Easterwood, 2012
Monique Delatte, 2011
Samantha Marker, 2011
Amy Barr, 2010
Anna Koval, 2010
Carla Land, 2009
Katherine Voss, 2009
Jenine Lillian, 2007
Ellsworth Rockefeller, 2007


To learn about these and other grant, award, stipend and scholarship opportunities open to YALSA members, visit our web site.  Listen to an interview with Linda Braun, YALSA Past President, and Hoan-Vu Do, YALSA's 2010-2011 Spectrum Scholar at YouTube.