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Meet the 2016 Friends of YALSA

Our Mission

Friends of YALSA was created in 2005 to ensure excellence in the Association's traditional programs and services to library workers serving teens and to support growth in new directions as our profession meets the exciting challenges of the 21st century.

Each year, FOY funds are used to support over $16,000 in member scholarships, grants and stipends, including a Spectrum Scholarship and Emerging Leader.  When additional FOY funds become available, YALSA's Board also directs FOY funds to support the following areas:

  • Advocacy:educating members, library workers, the general public and policy makers about the importance of providing excellent library services to teens, and the critical role that library workers and libraries play in helping teens develop key literacy skills and a lifelong appreciation of reading.
  • Continuous Learning: creating opportunities for all members and library workers to grow through grants, providing scholarships to those in need and offering distance learning and institutes.
  • Planning for the Future:helping to attract new members and retain existing ones, creating public awareness campaigns, planning and carrying out new initiatives to pursue excellence in library service to young adults, and more.
  • Research: guiding and promoting research in the field of young adult librarianship through grants, publications, and other means to ensure that the field of librarianship has the necessary knowledge to meet the needs of teens.
  • Teen Literacy & Young Adult Literature: sponsoring literacy initiatives such as Teen Read Week, YALSA’s booklists and book awards, and guaranteeing YALSA's place in the forefront of our nation's adolescent literacy campaigns.

How to Donate

To Become a Friend:

You can become a Friend of YALSA in any giving category.

  • Platinum Circle $1,000 or more
  • Gold Circle $500-$999
  • Silver Circle $250-$499
  • Bronze Circle $100-$249
  • Friends' Circle $10-$99

 Make your tax-deductible donation in either of the following ways:

ALA/YALSA Members:

  • Donate by credit card at the ALA Development Office's secure website. (Fill in the amount you would like to donate in the YALSA box of the "ALA Divisions and Offices" section).
  • Send a contribution by mail, using the printable mail-in form (PDF). Complete the form and mail it back with your donation to: Friends of YALSA, 50 East Huron, Chicago, IL 60611.


  • Donate by credit card at the Network for Good's secure website. (In the "Designation" box, type "YALSA").
  • Send a contribution by mail, using the printable mail-in form (PDF). Complete the form and mail it back with your donation to: Friends of YALSA, 50 East Huron, Chicago, IL 60611.

How Funds Are Used

The Friends of YALSA support a variety of initiatives and projects. Since 2005, the Friends of YALSA gave more than $100,000 to support YALSA grants, scholarships, awards and stipends that impact the profession and teens, including:

  • sponsoring Spectrum Scholars (listen to an interview between Linda Braun, YALSA past president, and Hoan-Vu Do, YALSA's 2010-2011 Spectrum Scholar)
  • sponsoring Emerging Leaders
  • sending YALSA members to ALA's Library Advocacy Day
  • launching YALSA's Writing Award to honor the best writers, bloggers and researchers in the field

Special Recognition for Friends of YALSA

  • A letter from ALA/YALSA recognizing your generous donation for your tax records
  • Special listing in YALSA E-News, YALSA's monthly e-newsletter
  • Quarterly email newsletter just for FOY donors
  • Special listing on the YALSA Web site
  • Friend of YALSA conference badge ribbon
  • Reserved seating at the YALSA Membership Meeting, Edwards Luncheon (for ticketholders) and Printz Program and Reception (for ticketholders) at ALA’s Annual Conference
  • Acknowledgment at the annual Membership Meeting
  • Platinum and Gold Circle members receive a special invitation to meet with the Edwards Award winner at a reception at ALA Annual Conference

For More Information

Request a Friends of YALSA packet to be mailed to you by contacting the YALSA office at 1-800-545-2433, ext. 4390, or via email at

Other Ways to Support Friends of YALSA

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 Purchase official YALSA gear from  YALSA's Store for yourself or to give as gifts.  Products include t-shirts (with a variety of slogans and in a variety of styles), baby items, coffee mugs and other housewares, bumper stickers, ornaments, tote bags and much more. Pick up a t-shirt that says “YALSA: Telling You What to Put on Your Bookshelf Since 1957″ for your favorite co-worker or a tote bag that says “Well Read” for the bookworm in your family. Your purchases support the Friends of YALSA. Price range: $3.49 to $41.39.


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