Select one of these three funds for your gift to ALCTS.

Our Best Work

Gifts to support new and ongoing initiatives specifically for program development, continuing education, publications, grants and awards.

25 Years of Awesome: Innovative Initiatives

Unrestricted gifts for new and ongoing initiatives.

Preservation Week

Gifts that support Preservation Week, which connects our communities through events, activities, and resources that highlight what we can do, individually and together, to preserve our personal and shared collections.

How to Make Your Donation

image of ALA website login screen

Click "Give ALA" in the top navigation bar. You can use the online donation form or download a PDF and return it by mail.

If you use the online donation form, the following information may help.

1) On the login screen,

  • ALA members should log in using their credentials.
  • everyone else should click the bottom link in the list, "Want to Donate for the First Time? Start Here?" There is a three-step process for creating a login for the ALA website. Once you have a login, you can access the online donation form.

image of the GiveALA screen

2) In the ALA Online Donation Form, click "ALA Divisions and Offices" and find the ALCTS funds about half-way down. Add the amount of your gift in the blank. Click "Checkout."

Making a tribute with your gift.


3) In the next two screens, you'll be able to add a tribute and have a card sent on their behalf. Just click "Add Tribute" next to the fund. Click "Add to Basket" when finished.

adding tribute information

4) After adding the names and contact information, clicking the "Save" button will lead to the payment process. Many thanks for your gift to ALCTS.