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Upcoming Discussions

Date Topic Host(s)
February 16 Career Progression in Cataloging and Metadata Stacie Traill and Lisa Robinson
March 29 I’m Not Mobile – Can I Still Advance? Pixely Anne Mosley and Paula Sullenger

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Previous Sessions

Date Topic Host(s)
January 26 How Library Technical Services Can Support OER Initiatives Nicole Allen and Eleanor I. Cook
December 9 Discovery Layers vs. the Traditional Catalog Erika Johnson and Kristin Martin
November 17 Standards for Digital Images Ann Caldwell and Felicity Dykas
October 13 Leaving Library Services Behind: An e-Forum on (Preparing for) Retirement Pamela Bluh & Jane Edmister Penner
September 23 Hire Right the First Time: Best Practices for Building the Team You Need Terri Schell, Brian Staples, & James Kelly

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