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Upcoming Discussions

Date Topic Host(s)
March 28 Advances in Electronic Resources Management George Stachokas and Anne Liebst
April 18 Life-cycle Management of Digital Assets Ian Bogus and Roger Smith
May 2 The Weeding Planner: Managing Massive Weeding Projects Cristina Caminita and Andrea Hebert

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Previous Sessions

Date Topic Host(s)
February 28 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Library Technical Services Emily Drabinski, Paolo P. Gujilde, and Harrison W. Inefuku
January 17 ILS Optimization Stephanie Ratko and Tracey Thompson
November 15 From Behind the Scenes to Front and Center: Social Media for Technical Services and Collection Development Librarians Andrea Tomlinson and Victoria Orzechowski
October 25 Thanks for Thinking of Us: Challenges and Solutions in Gifts Management Nicole A. Casner and Sandy Lemmon
September 27 Wrangling License Agreements Katy DiVittorio and Michael Rodriguez

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