Supporting ALCTS

ALCTS thanks our generous donors for supporting ALCTS activities in 2015.

In addition to the sponsors of our annual awards, we would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of ALCTS activities. Interested in supporting ALCTS activities in 2016? Learn how. Or learn how to GiveALCTS funds of your choice.

ALCTS Sustaining Sponsor Level: $3,000–4,999

YBP logoYBP Library Services, Midwinter ALCTSfest Membership  Reception

ALCTS Advocate Level: $2,000–2,999

Harrassowitz company logoHarrassowitz
Online course, “Fundamentals of Electronic Resource Acquisitions

ALCTS Supporter Level: $1,000–1,999

Elsevier company logoElsevier, President’s Program, “Three Short Stories about Deep Reading in the Digital Age

ALCTS Contributor Level: $500–999

Springer company logoSpringer
In-Kind Donation

Individual Donors to ALCTS Funds

25 Years of Awesome: Innovative Initiatives Fund

Ms. Lenore A. England
Dr. Karla L. Strieb
Brian E. C. Schottlaender
Mary Jane Petrowski
Jacob J. Nadal
Dr. Ellen Derey Safley
Mary Page
Cynthia Marie Whitacre
Norm Medeiros
Cathleen Bourdon
Ms. Genevieve S. Owens
Ms. Reeta Sinha
Ms. Louise M. Ratliff
Sara Shatford Layne
Larry Zollars
Ms. Aimee Y. Strittmatter
Carolynne Myall
Carol Pitts Diedrichs
Joyce G. McDonough
Ms. Rosann V. Bazirjian
Rhonda J. Marker
Miranda Henry Bennett
Ms. Rebecca Laura Kemp
Tammy S. Sugarman
Ms. Jennifer B. Bowen
Ms. Alia Al-Harrasi
Louise F. Deis

Our Best Work Fund

Mary M. Case
Miranda Henry Bennett
Dr. Karla L. Strieb
Olivia M. A. Madison
Ms. Beverley Geer
Yvonne A. Carignan
Mr. James J. Dooley
M. Dina Giambi
Cindy Hepfer
Elaine A. Franco
Betsy Simpson
Pamela Bluh
Carlen Ruschoff
Vicki L. Sipe
Lynnette M. Fields
Ms. Dana M. Hanford
Susan D. Bartl
Jennifer B. Young
Ms. Alia Al-Harrasi

Preservation Week Fund

Jacob J. Nadal
Mary Kristen Kern
Andrew S. Hart
Public Library Association Staff
Donia Conn
Ms. Melinda Reagor Flannery
Ms. Kara M. McClurken

Preservation Week® Partners

Sponsorships are an ideal opportunity for vendors to participate in ALCTS programs and activities:

  • continuing education (webinars, webcasts, online courses, e-forums)
  • receptions and event catering
  • premiums and prizes for giveaways
  • grants
  • publications
  • special projects and innovative initiatives (symposia and preconferences)
  • learn more

Discuss giving levels and benefits of sponsorship with any member of the ALCTS Fundraising Committee or the ALCTS Executive Director.